Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Well this week was interesting, because we couldn’t set up with anyone. . So we had very few programs and lots of finding which really didn’t go anywhere. But were trying and were working hard, and that’s what counts.
The trip sounded like it was super awesome! I really loved all the pics; and Justin is married now, so crazy! Everybody be getting married! Turns out one of my MTC teachers just got married and now is on his Honey moon here in Hungary!! I hope I’ll get to see him! Good ol Beaumont (Buja Oroszlán). Six Flags, we were just talking about that the other day, and how awesome it is; you know you got your money’s worth when you start to get tunnel vision LOL.

So this week was pretty normal, we had some really good programs with Laslo and Rose. Oh, super funny, on Saturday we visited one of our investigators by randomly dropping by and it turned out to be his BIRTHDAY!!!! Super random and very funny, he is Romanian, so his entire Romanian family was there. There were kids and people running around everywhere. We had some juice. . I seriously shoulda got a pic . . I totes forgot. But it was super fun and we talked with some of his grandkids who were super cool. Twas a fun time.

We also went out of Budapest for like 10 minutes, we were looking up a less active member who is 83 and that was pretty fun. It also rained like crazy this week, super weird, really makes finding super hard tho.

So, two weeks ago we gave this elderly member (margit) a blessing and last week she was completely better!!! It was super awesome to see the power of the priesthood and how it can bless others; it really makes me grateful for this power we have been entrusted with… and we should all strive to live worthy for these callings. But just yesterday she got another, different health issue, with her respiratory system, and Elder Redford being the beast he is gave her the blessing in Hungarian, such a champ. Now we wait for next week.

We also had a super awesome zone training given by the beautiful Elder Lynch and Elder Swenson, which was super good. They really just focused on bettering ourselves as missionaries and a lot on faith and hope, it was super good and I verily enjoyed it. At the end they gave a goal called Bob the Builder. And Bob the Builder is simply a personal goal that we set for ourselves each week and really strive to perfect that one goal, say working out in the morning, or not falling asleep during personal study . . . which never happens to me . . sort of. . . and then every week just making a new goal. It’s super simple . . . but that’s why I like it, it’s the small and simple things that really get work done.

Well, thats pretty much this week, sorry it wasn’t as csodálatos as the other weeks, but this time for sure I will send pics.

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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