Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015
Dear Family,
That’s super sweet that you sent in the info for the apartment, I’m super stoked! As far as classes go, I did get a 4 on AP US History so that should fill that requirement and I did AP calculus also, but I think I want to retake calc 1 and then take calc 2 next semester just as a refresher; because I forgot all math that I knew. And of course physics and computer science sound fun!!!
Anywho this week was super good, because first off we found this super awesome family who I already love, they’re sooooo funny! We tracted into them and they wanted to meet, but didn’t have time, so we set up for a later time and finally got to meet with them this week; which was AMAZING!!! The Dad A. hurt his leg really bad, pretty sure he tore his Achilles heel and now is bed ridden which was super sad. But he is hilarious and had a ton of questions; and we just joked around a ton. It was super funny. Later we helped them move houses which was pretty fun just because we rarely get chances to actually do service, so it was super fun, and we got to meet more people during our first program with them; their mom came in and she already knew us from when we tabled and it was super cool because she read a pamphlet and saw some of the references to the book of Mormon and also wanted one. They are just the nicest people; we will also meet with them next week.
We only have a couple more minutes so I have like no time... sorry. But the rest of our investigators are doing good, I'll email and send pics next week.
Love you all!
Elder Waldvogel

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 16, 2015
Dear Family,
Well this week was super, super busy and super, super awesome too! Mostly because we had elder Patrick Kearon give training at zone conference which was by far the best one I’ve had ever! He also gave a talk at stake conference last year that I also loved. So he is one of my favorite 70s!
We did have another super good program with C. where we went through some questions she had, and in the end it turned out super good! Later that day we set up with a new inv. and then go to meet with him 5 hours later; we walked over there which took us an hour, call him and he isn’t there and going to Budapest or something!! I was so mérges. We also had a super good program with the Trio where at least one of them started to read out of the BoM a lot which was super awesome; and we super stoked because he’s starting to progress and is really close to baptism. I’m just super stoked about him because he would make such a good missionary!! We also met with S. which was pretty average but always good. Also had a super good játék est with a lot of people and went to family night which was good. Then we had an awesome program with the sisters investigator who wanted to meet with us for some reason. But we really got along with him and it was super fun. It was really helpful to him. Then we had zone conference and district conference on Sunday, so over all we were super busy and barely even able to get any work in this week sadly.
The zone conference was soooo amazing I was so pumped afterwards. Kearon talked a lot about the real reason why we are out here and our job in bringing God's children back home and really just loving our investigators; and to not even use the word investigator and instead use friend. Because they really are our friends; and we want to help our friends and know the gospel will help them be happier! He also talked a lot about choices and deciding right now to simply be happy and if we know who we really are and where we are going, then that knowledge is really what can help us be happy. So we want to really focus on the plan of salvation this next week and hopefully we will be able to meet with some more people, especially since last week while tracting we were able to do some look ups and set up with 2 super cool people; so we hope that that works out well.
Well hope you all had a great week! That’s super cool that you got to see Ryan and the Zacchillis! Do you know where Ryan is going for college? Also hope you have another fantastic week!
Love you all!!
Elder Waldvogel

March 9, 2015
Dear Family,
So I’ve decided that USU is the place to go. As far as rooming, I will most likely room with Elder Lynch who is now there; because he is living with 2 other missionaries and they still have one room open. I will email him for sure and see if I can stay there. You can also try and contact him if you want. Also WHEN DOES IT START? Just out of curiosity, I would like to know because I believe I was signed up for summer at BYU.
So this week was super intense, just because so much crazy stuff happened and we were super busy, especially on Thursday and Friday and church was pretty intense also.
But we had another super good program with C, where we just talked about hope, keeping positive and that she can do this. We also talked a bit about baptism, which was super good. Then we had an amazing program with the "the gang" where it was all of us missionaries and them and we just bore a ton of testimony and talked to them about baptism and trying to get them to commit to pray about the church to find out if it’s true or not. The spirit was just so strong, it was super amazing. Sadly we’ve been so busy we haven’t been able to meet with them since, but I’m super stoked to be meeting with them again.
On Thursday we ran into "Yo man!" G. and set up and met with him, which was super funny; not really interested in learning more about the church, but hopefully soon with time. Then we had a couple other good programs, taught English class then had to hurry to the train station to go up to Miskolc to go on splits with the ZLs. Super funny because one was Godderidge and the other was my boy Raymond who I knew really well in the MTC. We went on splits together which was super sick. Raymond is a flippin amazing missionary, so of course we had some super good programs, my favorite was the last one, because it was this super cool gypsy family and there was a TON of them in this tiny apartment. They were just flipping hilarious and we had a pretty bomb lesson with them. Overall the splits were super good and super fun!
On Saturday we kinda took it easy because my comp was still sick, so we didn’t do tooo much, but we went streeting a bit and then we got a call from a member inviting us to family home evening so this young member could teach a lesson to us so she could get her young women’s medallion. It was super funny, because were just like sure, not really knowing what to expect. So we go and talk for a bit and the one girl looked super nervous and then I figured out why… when she started to speak and said the she was giving the lesson on the law of chastity. Really for us it wasn’t bad, but she was pretty nervous at first. But it actually turned into a super good program and they had quite a few questions that we were able to answer; so in the end it turned out pretty good.
Also on Sunday after church I was just dead. I had to translate a talk for Elder B. which really wasn’t too bad, but then the Sunday school teacher didn’t show, so I ended up teaching which I actually really liked and it turned out to be super good and it was pretty fun. But then for priesthood I also had to teach the lesson and there was only one other guy there and it was F... who is almost deaf and it’s almost impossible to understand because he talks super-fast and groggily (like there are Hungarians who can’t even understand him sometimes) so I just tried teaching a lesson to him which turned into him trying to teach me and talking for 30 min straight; which wasn’t bad, but it just gave me a headache, lol. In the end it was really good and I learned a lot and was able to better my language skills... it’s just tiring.
Any way, hope you guys are all doing amazing!!
Sok Szeretettel
Waldvogel ELder

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family,

Well this week was an interesting one. Work is slowly picking up, but we still have a ton of people who are sick and I’m pretty sure that I’m also getting sick slowly... but hopefully not. We met with J. and his family twice this week which was sweet (I also ordered Dad a super sick whip) and we had some good programs with him; but J. is also sick :( which stinks because he’s been so happy and smiling a lot, but during our last program he wasn’t feeling so good.

We did have a super good program with Sz. which was sweet because we just taught him how to pray (using the prayer burger, which he loved) and he has never before prayed so we are really trying to get him to pray and he said He would try it out, but only by himself, so I was pumped for him... He is just super cool.

We weren’t able to meet with C. because I accidentally called the wrong C, like 3 times!!! And I was confused why her phone was always off... then I finally figured it out; but it’s cool because she ended up coming to FARSANG; which is a Hungarian tradition (similar to Halloween) where they all dress up and dance and have a feast. SO we spent most of the day preparing for it and helping set up… AND I also made Brownies!! It was super fun and we had quite a few people show up.

Also on Thursday we ran into this super awesome dude who spoke fluent English and was super smart… He came up to us and was like "Mormons? More men and More women!" Super funny and he talked about how religious he was and also talked about a ton of stuff…especially about the original diet and how it can cure diabetes; then talked a ton about how bad most religions are, but he likes us and we gave him a book of Mormon so hopefully he will read it.

Gotta go soon, but we also had quite a bit of success with finding this week so that’s good!

Send more stuff next week

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder