Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

Dear Family,

Lol, where did you find this picture? So that’s my comp and I with the zone leaders and also some members and inv. who were visiting Elder Lynch (ZL). It was pretty fun and there are more pictures where that comes.

Also happy Father’s day to the coolest most hip dad in the world!!! (Father's Day doesn’t exist in Hungary but I’m still celebrating it in my heart) and in all honesty, I am truly grateful for everything that you taught me Dad (and Mom), it’s really made me the "man" I am today, and for that I will be forever grateful.

So this week was pretty good we went to this super expensive buffet last P-day which was pretty fun; I just felt horrible afterwards…
But, it’s SOOO gooooood.
Most of our programs were pretty normal this week, but we did have a super good program with this recent convert, who is dating this guy from Slovenia? Slovakia? one of them and she really likes him, but he is an atheist and she just really wants to share the gospel; but it’s very difficult especially since there’s a little bit of a language barrier, so trying to explain certain things are super difficult. But we had a way good program with her and I believe he will be coming next week to church, so we are pretty stoked.

Also we met with this one member who is super cool, he’s 21 and wants to go on a mission and is filling out his papers. We also met with his family and they are super funny. The mom is inactive and the dad and one of the daughters aren’t members, so I just talked a little bit about family prayer and family home evening; but they were just so funny, we hope to go back in a week or two.

We also met with that Older George Néni again and it was super funny. We also met her sister who knows the missionaries a bit and we actually had a somewhat good program with her.

We met with Rose again which went pretty good, but she dogged one of our other programs and since then her phone has been off, so we are planning on just visiting her sometime, hoping that everything is alright. We also played some basketball with one of Investigators which was pretty fun, even though I rarely play basketball, but I’m slowly learning the rules.

We also found this super cool guy, more like he found us… we were walking down a street looking for a house and we could not find it, it was like non existing, then all of a sudden this guy in a wheelchair, just asks "hey are you guys Mormons" and I’m like yea, and then he said "I have some questions about the celestial kingdom, and I was like wwaaaaaaa? but started talking to him about it and gave him a pamphlet. It was super good and we actually setup to meet with him again, so that will be good. He was super interesting and it was easy to see that he was really looking for the truth. He met with the Jehovah witnesses and was telling me some of the stuff they believe and then I told him what we believe.

Then we met with Benjamin again, and he did his research. He read the chapter in the BOM that we gave him and had questions about some things that didn’t make sense to him, so cleared those up. He also looked up Mormon’s on the internet and we started just going through a ton of questions. We talked a ton about the church, America and then about prayer and it was a pretty awesome program. I’m super stoked to meet with him again and he should be coming to English class so that will be good.

That was pretty much it. Have an excellent week!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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