Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dear Family,

LoL, sorry we didn’t have transfers actually, funny story; I have no idea why! Egyébként, yea I’d say Hungarians have a pretty good sense of humor. It’s a bit different, but for the most part it’s probably the same on average as Americans. For the package some multivitamins would be nice. . . I ran out. And yea we do walk quite a bit to the places we tract, but sometimes we take buses, the street car or even the metro when we go "tabling". Nice to see that you guys are doing well, I verily enjoyed the picture of Brent… hehe classic

Well this week was pretty good… I feel like there’s really not too much to say considering we just do the same thing pretty much every week, but we had some good programs with Rose. It’s tough because her bap date is coming up, but we haven’t been able to meet with her for a while, so we are trying to get her ready. It’s even more difficult because she is sooo close, but still smoking is an issue. So far over my mission it’s been one of the biggest issues and one of the hardest things to get past; but it is possible, "for with God nothing is impossible" Luke 1:37 (Probably my favorite scripture). But yesterday we fasted for her and now we wait tell we meet with her on Tuesday.

We also met with the mother of 3 again and it was super hard to teach her, because the kids we just running around everywhere and when we tried to keep on topic she would ask us questions about America and it was just super hard, but still a pretty good program, hopefully next time will be a bit less hectic.

We had a super good program with this older man Laslo. We met him in front of an Ice cream shop and had a program and talked a lot about prophets, the book of Mormon and our church, so it was a super good first program I’d say.

Other than that we’ve just really been focusing on getting out and working hard. Also lately after Zone Conference, I've really been trying to focus on bettering my own testimony more, and focusing on personal study and it’s been going pretty well. I always read out of the scriptures, but sometimes it just turns almost into a routine and is easy to lose the real goal of reading out of the scriptures; to really build yourself and your testimony. So I’ve been putting more effort into it and it really goes to show me how you really do "Reap what you Sow".

One of the less actives we meet with talked about this older missionary who was super good at the language (even better than some Hungarians) and how he just talked Hungarian from the morning to the evening, then at night spoke English. So we tried this out once and a bit another day, but this week we really want to do it every day and see how well this idea works.

Yup, so investigators are doing good and progressing, we are finding new people, so all in all it’s going pretty well. Hope life is well with all of yall too!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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