Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

Dear family,

I don’t have too much time to write today, kinda stinks, considering the fact that a TON of stuff happened this last week it was CRAZY!!! Also I totally forgot to wish BRENT a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

So anyways last week we hiked up Gellert hegy which was super fun and a lot more of a hike that I originally anticipated, but we got a ton of cool pics and it was super beautiful. Also this guy from English class invited us to go on a boat ride with him on the Duna, and it was super sick, the view from the river is spectacular and the fresh cool air was exhilarating, it truly was fantastic!

We also had a super good program with M, It was super good I brought Elder C. who served in Kispest when he was a greenie one year ago, and he was the one who found her and taught her, and she like loves him and the program was just amazing and the spirit was sooo strong and we gave her a blessing to try and help her with overcoming smoking and elder gave one of the greatest blessings I have ever heard, it was truly amazing, and right afterwards she was just stunned, by how strong the spirit was. She even told us that "during moments like these I just don’t even know what to say" and we were just really trying to help her to get that desire to be baptized and now she has it. SO hopefully we can get her to church, because I know that that will be the biggest help with her smoking issue.

In Other news my comp had to go get a checkup at the doctor and now tomorrow he has to get his mole on his foot removed; it’s not super serious, we just hope that he can walk because the next day is the 20th which is a huge holiday here, AND IM IN BUDAPEST so there should be fireworks. Also Laslo was in the hospital getting surgery but got out yesterday so hope he heals fast.

Also we met with Mrs. A. again which was one of the hardest programs ever because she would not stop talking and like has literally no faith whatsoever, she even called the person who wrote the book of Mormon an idiot . . . so yea. But we had an okay program just talking about faith, because she wants to believe, just cant. But hopefully Alma 32 will help her with that problem.

We had a super good Zone training and afterwards almost the entire zone went to Gringos Amigos (similar to cafe rio) for lunch and it was super good. . But the next day apparently 90 percent of those who ate there got explosive diarrhea and it didn’t help that I ate the hottest sauce you could get, because it was like hot lava. That day was very difficult for me and my companion.

But we also found and met this super awesome African guy who has lived in Hungary for 20 years, he is flippin hilarious; his name is MR. D and he is awesome. He works as the head of some equality organization and actually owns a soccer team that consists mostly of refugees, super sick. He is really religious and said he was baptized as a Mormon but we really don’t know yet. Either way we have just been teaching him the normal lessons and he also has a love for Joseph Smith and especially for Alma. He wanted us to tell him that the book of Alma was the most important. LOLs he also said he would pop by visit us in America and just be like "wassup man!!" I’m so stoked for that moment.

Other than that all is well. Can’t wait to see my Bro Andy this Sunday . . WOOOOT!!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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