Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear family,

Well, this week was CRAZY!! Just soooo much happened! I’ll try to fit it all in as little space as possible.
First off my comp had to get surgery!! He was just getting a mole removed on his foot, but it still kinda stunk, because it hurt to walk for some time. So it made it a lot harder to get out and work. One day he actually used a cane the entire day, sooo funny.

We also went on a super cool hike with one of the other elders investigators who we also meet with  
sometimes, and we went up to this super cool tower on top of hill that overlooks all of
Budapest. It kind of looks like a sandcastle, LOL; But it was super fun.

We had the opportunity to celebrate a Magyar ünnep!! Which was super fun! It is the independence day for Hungary and we just hung out with the other elders and a member for most of the day, walking around, went to a museum, checked out some little attractions and then at the end of the night . . FIREWORKS!!!! Super cool I took some pics and videos, it was super pretty with the fireworks bursting over the duna or danube with Buda Castle in the background all lit up.

Later in the week my comp and I both caught a cold or maybe it’s just allergies . . I don’t know, all I know is that our noses were super clogged and it wasn’t too fun. Then to make it even better we were dogged twice and then Mrs. A. dropped us :( it was super sad, because she just totally gave up hope and gave us back the book of Mormon . . I felt horrible just because I felt so useless. . .

But on the bright side a less active member that we started to meet with, finally came to church!! wooot! Success! It was super cool to see her there after all the bad stuff that happened. And Lazlo is also doing good and actually came to church even though he was still feeling super gross from the hospital. Also, this really old guy came to church last week randomly and he wanted to be baptized. Now we are meeting with him and our first program went super good!! He is super prepared, already believes everything and wants to be baptized!!!

So lesson is that we gotta dig through a lot of mud and dirt before we finally find the diamonds and reap our reward!

But by far the best part of the week was getting to see ANDY again!!!! Also getting to meet his family, they’re super cool! We just kinda hung out most of the afternoon on Sunday and I got to show them around Budapest; it was seriously so awesome to be able to see him again, we had so much fun. We really didn’t do much because it was Sunday and we were also fasting, but it was still by far the highlight of my week. We also took some pics of course!! So I will send you those. I do gotta admit that Andy has some luscious hair nowadays.

Also transfers were today, but I’m staying, so nothing new except Elder L. is dying (going home) so that’s kinda sad. Anyway, hope you all have an awesome week!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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