Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

Dear family,

Yea I’m feeling better now, and YES I did indeed receive the package and THANK YOU!!! I love the peanut butter MNM’s and also the drugs . . . especially the airborne, reminds me of when Brent put one straight in his mouth, LOL

So this week was super good as far as finding goes; because we decided to just tract like madmen this week and IT WORKED!!! We found a couple of way legit people; one was this girl who was just super friendly and very cool. We have yet to meet with her, but hopefully soon. Also this super funny bácsi who is very religious and just completely willing to listen. Love this guy; and a couple others who we are going to look up later, so we will see if it goes anywhere.

Other than that we also had more super good programs with M. and L. For M, just wanted her to pick a new bap date, but she didn’t get around to it considering her little girls started school and the other one is sick etc. So I wanted us to kneel down and offer a prayer and ask God right there when the perfect date would be. She ended up wanting me to offer it, so I did and it was super amazing! The spirit was super strong and right after the prayer she told me that what I said was exactly what she needed to here to know how and what she needs to do. Also with L. we just got super into temples and garments.. So pretty intense.

Last week for p-day we went to this super cool puzzle place where they lock you in this room and you and your group have to work through countless different puzzles and locks and find the combinations in order to escape. It was super fun, I just tried to hack the codes . . Wasn’t too effective, but in the end we survived!!

Then on Friday and Saturday there were a couple of ward activities that we went too that were super fun. During one, this guy did kendo and he showed us his katanas and some moves and talked a lot about it. It was LEGIT and I was super interested in it too. The other one took about 3 hours, but at least we showed the ward that we care and got to build better relationships with them.

Other than that, just a normal week . . Oh yea . . also . . WE BOUGHT 2 TIE BAGS!!!! We decided to split them up and all chip in. We just got them today and it was super sketchy but super funny . . and the bags were sooo flippin heavy!! For just a bag of ties, each bag was like 22 pounds. So, probably going to be sending some ties and also some pics home soooonish...

Anyway, it was good to see that you all survived the insane flooding and such, hope yall have a good week!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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