Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 3, 2014
Dear Family,

Yea so I hope I get to go to L's baptism, it would be awesome!! Plus we had this Halloween party last week for the YSA and L. was there and he dressed as a missionary... It was the funniest thing ever! He made a nametag that said "Elder L... The church of being Awesome and Humble." and then he would introduce himself to everybody speaking super poor Hungarian in an American accent. SOOO funny. We also had 3 inv. come to the party and they had a super awesome time, so that was good! 
We also had a super intense jam packed week, it was crazy!! We had a super good program with K, we have been meeting with him a few times a week and for one of the lessons, a member that we invited to another program came an hour early so we just invited him to come to our program with K; it was awesome and they got along super well. It’s funny because they seem soooo different, but either way it definitely wasn’t by chance that he came early!
Also there’s this member here who is having a lot of issues lately and he was kinda smack talking my companion right after English class. We were about to meet with L (the older inv. here who is now progressing super well) and then our inv. just starts telling him to calm down and then ends up like provoking the member and they were super close to getting into a fight. Elder G. broke up the fight while I backed him up, it was super crazy; but kinda funny because our inv. is like 60 and the member is like 24. Pretty sketchy!
But it’s cool because we had a super good program with L. where he just decided that he really needs to read the Book of Mormon all the way through. Which we were pretty pumped about.

Also we have been working with E. a ton lately on quitting smoking, and super awesome, she just started quitting on Saturday… We went over to her house and threw away all of her cigarettes and had a pretty good program with her. We kind of also made a promise that we would also stop drinking soda to help show her that we are also trying to stop something unhealthy. And so far she has been doing super good! She came to church and it was amazing for her. It was a way good fast and testimony meeting and church overall was just bomb! That and we also promised her son M. that we would get him a tie, and he was super excited. We then later took a mirror pic with him, which I’ll have to send some time.
We also had an encounter with a very interesting man who wanted to talk to our superiors about learning how to defend themselves against the communist’s hypnotists. Super weird, he came to church though just to talk to bishop but left before it started... Poor bishop!
Also we went to Jánoshegy, round 2 and it was super fun! We found this giant super cool dog that we ended up calling Leo and he was awesome. It was also super foggy and we hiked through this forest; it was pretty creepy but at the same time prettty sweeeeeeeet, it was way fun.
Also sum pics...
I especially love Godderidges face

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