Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Well I don't have a lot of time to email (sorry), but this was a pretty normal week other than the fact that we had to go back to the hivatal because there was a "technical error" (whatever THAT means) and we had to just retake a picture; but it only took like an hour so not that bad. Also lately we have been having a lot of success from tracting, it’s pretty crazy. I’m a 100 percent sure that the spirit was guiding us, because there's no way we could've found some of these people. Especially on Sunday when we just tracted a random building and one of the last doors turned out to be this guy who used to come to the English class in Kispest that I knew!!! It was super sweet and sooo random… I was so surprised! I was like "don’t I know you??" and it was really good because he is in a pretty hard situation nowadays. So it was super awesome to see him again.

Also this next week we have decided to have a "consecration week" so we will be only speaking in Hungarian to each other, soo yea, we are just going to go crazy hard this week. WOOOT!

Also ever since E. quit smoking she has been doing AWESOME like seriously; she is so much happier, it’s such a big bizonyíték that the word of wisdom is not véletlen. Super awesome!

Other than that just going around being missioanryise doing secreateiazry stuffs

Sorry gotta go

Elder Waldvogel

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