Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 29, 2014

Dear Family,

Sorry I wasn’t able to email earlier, it looks like our p-days will for sure be on Saturdays every week. It’s been switching so much not even I can keep tract of it. But other news NEW COMPANION!!! Awwwwwww snap!!! And guess what . . . its Elder Blackman from my MTC group!! We are super stoked and we have already been having a ton of good times together! It’s been super hard though because this week with transfers and all the Christmas packages. But I can’t wait for Christmas; here it’s like the coolest thing ever. There are all these little shops that sell super cool stuff, tons of decorations all over the place and most people are just overall happier.

Work has also been going supa good. We had some super good programs with our investigator E, she had a ton of questions with the law of chastity but we only had like 15 min. so we just talked about it for a while and gave her a little pamphlet that talks about it and then the next day when we met she was like, "I read it and it literally answered all of my questions . . " and we were just like..."WOWOOOOWOOTT" because for a while she just could not understand why this commandment is important. So it was super awesome. We also had another program with our inv. A. who is an eternal investigator and is now just starting to progress. And it was awesome because we decided to talk about and focus on church, because he just would come randomly, and we really just promised blessings and shared our on personal stories and it was awesome. Afterwards when we asked him if he would come... he was still hesitant. But he ended up coming!! So hopefully he will come tomorrow.

Other than that... not to much going on. Just more secretary stuff, it’s always fun seeing the new missionaries and getting to meet them all. Yup, wish there was some more exciting stuff to talk about, maybe I need to break my ankle again . . . speaking of I’ll send some pics of it, when it first happened... but it’s a ton better now.

Anyways have a fantastic week!!!

Sok Szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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