Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,

So this week was pretty intense. I should probably start off by saying that I sprained my ankle super badly while playing soccer and had to go to the Hungarian hospital; and now I have to wear a brace for 4 weeks and the past couple days I have used crutches. But it’s cool because It could’ve been a ton worse... I really lucked out and learned quite a bit from it. Literally right after I sprained it, I limped over to a bench and sat down and this lady came up and started talking to us and turns out she was a physical therapist!!! AND helped out on a soccer team!! So she gave us some awesome advice and helped quite a bit; it was super sweet! Then this member came up with the idea to sit me on a bike and lead me back to the branch house. This guy was super nice and he just kept trying to cheer me up all the way while he was guiding me back to the branch house. Then an investigator who also sprained her ankle super bad knew exactly where to go and what to say (because she was Hungarian and apparently the hospital people can be kinda dumb sometimes) so she came with us; and THEN we ran into a recent convert who worked at the hospital and he guided me around and helped with everything... I’m just soo grateful for all these amazing Hungarians… they’re truly the nicest people on earth.

I also remember that a while after it happened I said a little prayer in my heart and it was interesting to see that the pain didn’t go down, it still hurt quite a bit, but it was my attitude about it that changed. I also remembered the story of the elder who got egged and instead of getting angry he told his comp to take a picture; so I did the same and took a picture… sadly it’s on one of the other elder’s cameras, but I’m hoping that I can get it from him by next time.

So that’s kinda how consecration week ended… Apparently I didn’t sacrifice enough LOL. But our week was pretty tough considering there was a ton of stuff to do in the office. And my ankle is not working. But on the Bright side we had a super intense stake conference where two 70s came!!!! And the stake presidency for the one stake in Hungary was changed which was CRAZY!!! Because the last stake president was the first stake president in Hungary and has been for 8 years straight! Anyways both 70s were sooooooo awesome and gave the greatest talks I have heard in person for a long, long time. The spirit was just so strong especially as he was calling the new stake presidency; because even I had some doubts, but afterwards I had no doubt that the new president was called of God. Also K. came to conference, which was super awesome, even though he kinda left very fast.

Also E. is doing super well. We just set a bap date with her for December 20th since her birthday is on the 24th. And she is just so ready; we talked with her about baptism because we weren’t too sure how well she understood it, but she pretty much understood it perfectly and really everything else perfectly also… it’s just amazing to see her sheer amount of change!! Other than that we kinda got dogged quite a bit, but we did have some super good programs with some other people that were super awesome!!

Well hope you are all having an amazing week, and that it continues into a fantastic month filled with wonder and amazement

Sok szeretettel
-Waldvogel Elder
VEMS csak az egész idő alatt!!

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