Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, the first thing I should probably say is that I was kinda wrong on my previous statement, for some reason I thought Kispest was on the outskirt of Budapest, but it’s actually further in than I thought and our area is HUGE! We cover to the downtown area of Budapest which is pretty nice; there are some super ghetto areas which I’m super looking forward to as well. But the biggest difference here is that it is just so flippin big! We take the villámos or tram, the Metro and buses pretty much everywhere we go, unlike Sopron where we literally walked everywhere. The ward here is super big and it’s just mind boggling, because in Sopron I knew everybody super well; and my comp doesn’t know too many members yet, so I’m just completely lost with the people and where we are, it’s pretty crazy! But there are soooo many little kids here, I freaking love it, so much better than the 1 primary kid that we had in Sopron. LOL

But being in Budapest is pretty sweet! The downtown area where we go tabling is super pretty and full of tons of people. I even met some Americans who were super nice and one man really respected Mormons, it was pretty cool.

My comp is super cool, his name is Elder R. and he is from northern Idaho. He is probably the best cook I have served with yet, so we have been eating pretty well. The apartment here isn’t quite the best; our washing machine broke, and there’s no microwave!!! I don’t know how we are going to survive much longer.

The investigators here are super cool; I’ve only met with half of them so far, but so far so good. One of the coolest ladies, M. has 2 daughters and a husband who doesn’t really want her to be baptized which is a huge obstacle for her and she also smokes, but she has a super solid testimony and really wants to grow closer to God and increase her faith. Then there’s this super cool guy from English class who speaks super good English named B. Also, there is this lady who broke her toe and is now in the hospital for the next two weeks, R, and she is very interesting and really wants to move to Ireland, but she just loves the gospel and wanted to get a tri combination, so she could read the D & C. Then there’s C, a 16 year old tennis pro and his Mom J, who are kind of new, but super cool! C. is super interested and apparently wants to serve a mission. Then there was this lady M... which we had a program with. We also set up with this referral and he was super legit!! Super rendes and really just feels kinda lost and loves to help others. We have SO many cool peeps!

Also this week we had a TON of weird stuff happen to us, I was beginning to question whether or not this is real life. A few examples… we leave our apartment, oh yea also we live in a 10 story!!! Finally! but this guy is literally coughing his lungs out and or throwing up in this other apartment and we just hear some lady yell "Mit csinálsz!??" or "What are you DOING??" super funny then as we are tracting these 2 dogs escape from underneath a fence and just start running around the neighborhood causing havoc, then we found 3 little birds that looked like they were unborn or just barely born and 2 of them were dead and the other one was slowly dying… it was one the darkest things I’ve seen, I wanted to put it out of its misery, but I didn’t have the guts… on a happier note we also tracted into a guy who was a DJ... He’s a super cool guy who believes in Taoism or something of the sort.

I am still a district leader in Kispest, but it’s funny because the only other companionship is the zone leaders… so it’s more like going to be them teaching us during district meeting, but all well. Plus I love serving around Lynch again, its sooo much fun! I’m really thinking about helping him with the halado (Advanced) English class, twill be sweet!

So all in all, a super good, weird week, especially since now we are in a super ghetto email place, with some pretty scary people… but this is gonna be a fun and fantastic next week, keep me updated on life and such. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of rainbows and butterflies!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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