Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 6, 2014
Dear Family,

Well I have some good news and I some bad news. Sooo I guess let’s start off with the bad; one of my companions was emergency transferred out of Sopron and is now in Erd. We are super sad about it, because we still had so many awesome things we were planning to do, but it happens. We were pretty surprised by it, especially since the good news is... this last week was probably the most successful week of my mission!
It was a super crazy week. After conference, Liz and Lin grew tremendously spiritually and now Lin really wants to be baptized and is fighting with her family in order to be able to. She is now 100 percent ready! It’s truly amazing to see the progress she has made. Then Liz's baptismal date has moved from early August to the end of this MONTH!! So pretty much whoever stays here this transfer is going to baptize her. She is super excited now, more excited than I have ever seen her. She’s already planning it all out and who she is going to invite. I’m super grateful that I have had the opportunity to help teach these wonderful people, I’m so excited for them.
Also, since we have been able to go on splits with Elder Brown so often, we have been able to get a ton of work done and have been finding a lot more people and getting more let ins. It’s crazy now the amount of success we’ve been given. We’ve also just starting meeting with these 2 girls from English class and they are super cool. We were pretty surprised by them; one is only 16 and she was asking us super intense questions like, "are the Jews still gods people?" and "doesn’t it say in Revelations that none should add to this book? " and we were just super surprised at how religious this girl was, but we explained it all and it went super good. Then her friend that we also met with came to church and it seemed to go pretty well, other than a few things . . . That I dare not talk about . . .
We also met with Sándor, the super cool Inactive who wants to comeback, and also with his 2 little girls who are freaking hilarious! It was a pretty good program and we really want to get him to start coming to church again and be able to become a priest so that he can baptize his daughter. Man I love this guy and his family, he has had a pretty rough life and is working super hard, such a good guy.
Also on Saturday we went to a member’s home who is a bit poor and she had a ton of mold around her kitchen. So we went through (us missionaries) and cleaned it up with a whole lot a work, sweat, and bleach. Afterwards we had sport nap so we smelt like chlorine/bleach for a while, but it was pretty fun and it was really good, especially since we got to meet the rest of the family. It was totally wicked!!
Also we met with another guy who actually first heard about us from his girlfriend who got an English class flyer and was talking to him about it. He was interested and streeted us as we were tabling. He is super cool and speaks really good English and wants to go to America to do volunteer work and practice his English, he even looked us up on Wikipedia!! Super cool!
Also in other news, the Egyptian guy (who streeted us) came to English club and now we are trying to get him a Book of Mormon in Arabic. Super tight!!
We also went bowling on Monday, wooot, I’ll get sum pics later hopefully.
Well I hope all of your weeks are filled with rainbows and butterflies!
Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder
PS so as far as Skyping goes, we should be doing it around 4 or 5 o clock here, so it will be 8 or 9 o clock for you guys, yes that means in the morning . . . Sorry

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