Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014
Dear Family,

Well Transfers are a pretty drastic change, but I’m kind of looking forward for it. So first off I am leaving Sopron and heading to Kis Pest!!! woooot, I don’t know too much about KisPest other than its the land of 10 stories and it’s on the outskirts of Budapest, so this will definitely be a different experience. I’ll be serving with Elder Redford who just got in the country 9 weeks ago, so he is still a bit new, so I’m going to have to step it up a bit, but I’m super excited about it. Plus it turns out that I’ll be serving around Elder Lynch again who is now my Zone Leader, woot!!
So this last week was fairly interesting because we ended up going to Budapest and went out to lunch after our interviews and we may have gotten a bit lost which cut out an hour and then we missed our train. So we didn’t get home till 9 o’clock, which killed our entire day. Tuesday was filled with a lot of finding and wasn’t super successful sadly, but Thursday was awesome! We had a ton of programs, even though we had a couple people dog out on us, we still had a super successful day. We met with Liz and Lin and had 2 super good programs with them. We had the biggest turn out for our English class and there were a ton of new people. We were setting up with people like crazy afterwards and it was AWESOME! One lady came up to me right afterwards and asked to meet and she was super cool, and I just had a super good feeling about her, I don’t know why, but I just felt like she could go places. On Monday we met with her and the program went super good!! She was pretty interested in learning more about the church but the interesting part was how she learned about English class. She said she found one of the little posters we put around town and she took a little flyer and told her husband about it and he was all like "ah that’s bull crap" and then like 2 months later she just had a "thought" come into her head that said "go and learn English" so she did and then we met with her; and at the end she was so thankful. Before we could even ask her to pray she asked if she could give thanks… We were all like, yes of course go ahead! Super awesome and she wants her husband also to come and learn and we gave her a BOM and she was interested. We also offered to give her husband one and she said it would be a good idea because they normally fight over reading from the Bible since they only have one… we were just amazed , in awe at how awesome and prepared this person is. What an Awesome way to leave Sopron!
Also turns out that we had the opportunity to meet with one of our investigator's named Réka (who we also found through English class) parents and they were super funny. It was a super good experience, because it turned out that we tracted in their building before and I just gave them a little English class flyer which she gave to her daughter which led to us meeting with her and now we were able to meet with the mom, you can’t run away from Us!!! But seriously it was super cool to see how English class made the entire situation so much better and how one little flyer can change someone’s LIFE!
Then on Friday we had zone training which was pretty poppin lockin, but also destroyed like half of our days’ work since we had to go to Győr and back. But it was definitely worth it because it was amazing and I really learned loads.
Also super cool fast story, were just going tracting and trying to think of which 5 story building to tract and Elder Flake is like "let’s do this one" then we get in to the building super easily, first door we knock on, let in!! Shout out to Elder Flake the Spiritual Beast!!!
Then on Sunday we had quite a few people come to church which was super awesome, but by far the one I’m most excited about is Sándor and his two little girls!! He came a bit late, but the important part is that he came and is now showing some real desire to change his life! It was such a good last church meeting in Sopron; I’m really going to miss a ton of people here! I’ve had soo many good memories here, but I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to serve in Sopron and for all the amazing people and friends that I got to meet with. I’m also super grateful that the work really started to pick up and hopefully Liz will be baptized at the end of the month.
So, I’ll let you all know how kispest is next week and stuffs . . . cool cool cool
I also lost my camera for a while, but then found it, which is why no pics were sent last week
So here they come . . . . soonish
Anywho, hope that yall are doing awesome, have a great week.
Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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