Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family,

Well this week was an interesting one. Work is slowly picking up, but we still have a ton of people who are sick and I’m pretty sure that I’m also getting sick slowly... but hopefully not. We met with J. and his family twice this week which was sweet (I also ordered Dad a super sick whip) and we had some good programs with him; but J. is also sick :( which stinks because he’s been so happy and smiling a lot, but during our last program he wasn’t feeling so good.

We did have a super good program with Sz. which was sweet because we just taught him how to pray (using the prayer burger, which he loved) and he has never before prayed so we are really trying to get him to pray and he said He would try it out, but only by himself, so I was pumped for him... He is just super cool.

We weren’t able to meet with C. because I accidentally called the wrong C, like 3 times!!! And I was confused why her phone was always off... then I finally figured it out; but it’s cool because she ended up coming to FARSANG; which is a Hungarian tradition (similar to Halloween) where they all dress up and dance and have a feast. SO we spent most of the day preparing for it and helping set up… AND I also made Brownies!! It was super fun and we had quite a few people show up.

Also on Thursday we ran into this super awesome dude who spoke fluent English and was super smart… He came up to us and was like "Mormons? More men and More women!" Super funny and he talked about how religious he was and also talked about a ton of stuff…especially about the original diet and how it can cure diabetes; then talked a ton about how bad most religions are, but he likes us and we gave him a book of Mormon so hopefully he will read it.

Gotta go soon, but we also had quite a bit of success with finding this week so that’s good!

Send more stuff next week

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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