Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family,

Well this week was pretty crazy, but overall pretty good. So last week we had interviews with president and he gave us a lot of ideas for finding, so this week we decided to apply what he talked about into our finding, and it was actually super cool because we actually had quite a bit of success. We found some people who are okay with us coming back next week; most of them aren’t super interested, but there is one really cool couple that seems interested, so I’m way stoked to go and meet with them. We also went streeting kinda late at night which really stunk and was pretty hard, but we kept going and it was super awesome because we met this lady who was SUPER interested and had a ton of questions, so she invited us into a little coffee shop to go and talk. She was super nice and ordered us some hot chocolate and we had an entire first program with her, which was super awesome! But we couldn’t get her phone number because she said she would just call us when she wanted to meet. But it was still super awesome, especially since we were dead tired.

This week was still hard because once again we couldn’t meet with a lot of people because they either got sick or they were super busy. But the programs we did have were pretty good; not too much change really, but overall good programs. We ‘re really hoping that this week will be better for meeting.

Yea, I think the ENTIRE mission knows about sister Moffat and Elder Ekstrom getting engaged, because we were just soooo shocked and did NOT see that coming!

Hope you guys are doing awesome!!

Sok Szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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