Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Dear family,

Well this week was super crazy and intense; I don’t even know where to start...

We had the coolest opportunity to be able to take Elder Leimer (from the quorum of the 70) to one of our programs, which was the coolest thing EVER!!! We had to pick him up from Buda and take him on a 1 hour trip to our program. On the way we got on a bus and while looking for a place to sit, this super nice guy got up and let us sit down together and then sat to the right of me. After a while Elder Leimer hands me a pass along card, and looks at me... then looks at the guy... and so I caught what he was hinting at, so I wrote our number on it and gave it to the guy... it was super awesome. He was way cool and one of the nicest Hungarians ever!! We just started talking about a ton of stuff and a bit about religion while just getting to know him; and then this lady in front of us starts talking to us and is like... Hey I went to your English class before, but I’m super busy. Is there any way I could skype or something like that with you guys? So we started talking to her about how we could meet up sometime. Then she asked us what we are doing here, and why Hungary. So I talked a lot about what we do as missionaries and such to both her and the other guy and it was just AMAZING! We talked for about 25 minutes or so until we had to get off. And we got both of their numbers… super awesome!

Then our program was great; it was with a recent convert who is way awesome and he just shared a ton of experiences and stories that were super cool. We mostly talked about the Book of Mormon and the power within it.

Then on the way back we did some more finding and he was teaching us just a ton and we learned so much about missionary work. He told us stories from his mission and now I’m super stoked to be able to go and find in a different way; because it’s much more natural than the way we were doing it and we had so much more success! Literally, nobody actually rejected us! It was seriously a miracle and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that we had to go with him and be able to learn so much; especially just form his example... it was awesome!!

Other than that, we sadly weren’t able to have a lot of programs this week. Our main progressing investigator E. got super sick and I felt bad for her. We’ve also had to give quite a few of the people we meet with away because of the boundaries, which is sad. So this week we had a ton of service projects which was super cool. We helped move some furniture for like an hour and we were going to paint a fence but it got cancelled. Then on Saturday we went and cut trees for like 4 hours and it was pretty tough, but super fun.

We also met this super funny kid while basketball finding who was like 10 years old and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and teaching him a bit about it. Pretty funny kid.

Also we got to meet N.'s family which was super cool. Especially because at first the dad was kinda sketched out about us and didn’t like the fact that were missionaries; but we got to meet him and he is super cool. We got along super well and now he seems to be a lot more open. So that’s cool.

This week were going to have a special emphasis on finding and also meeting and finding less actives and help to get them back. Hope yall have a supa dupa week!!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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