Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015
Dear family,
Well this week was pretty tough, but we had some really good programs. Really we just got dogged and had a ton of programs cancel this week which kinda stunk, but we had some really good programs with E. and with an other RCLA.
It was super funny though; on our way to the RCLA program my companion turns to me and is like... "aww I hope she made palacsintas!" and then I just turned to him and was like "if we believe and have enough faith there will be!" then we just kept joking about it . .like "I can smell the palacsintas from here." Then when we got there I just started busting out laughing, because she really did make PALACSINTAS!! So flippin funny; even funnier is that we planned on teaching her about hope in all things. Really small thing but I’ve learned to enjoy the little things and the tender mercies of the lord, even if they come in the image of little palacsintas.

Then we met with E. a couple times this week and actually made rakott krumpli with her which was super fun. But we also had a really good program with her. She has been worried about her best friend, who we also meet with sometimes, but she has been going kinda downhill lately and it’s super sad to see. We really want to help her, but she kinda is just avoiding us a lot; but once again we had another really good program on Hope, which kinda seemed to be the overall feel of this week considering it’s been so hard. We’ve really had to just keep on going and focus on the positives; keeping hope that it’ll get better.
So we hope this week will be better and I hope that you guys are all doing well and I hope that you all have an amazing may 4th.
May the 4th Be with you . . . always.
Sok Szeretettel
Elder Waldvogel

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