Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, February 2, 2015

January 1, 2015

Dear Family,

Sorry I haven't been able to email for a long time, with Christmas, New Years and transfers everything was crazzzzy! But first off, E`s baptism was perfect!! And it was the best feeling ever having the opportunity to baptize her! It’s just super sad now because I left Buda and I won’t see her for quite a long time. She also said that now M. also wants to be baptized and I won’t be there for it as well. Seriously the coolest thing ever to see their progression, in just a couple of months, I have been able to see such a big change in her and she is so much happier; it’s amazing to be out here bringing these people such happiness.

So far Eger is an awesome place and my companion is hilarious. His name is Elder P, and he was trained by the one and only Elder O. (who I flippin love), so I was pretty stoked. Also on Saturday the new secretary came up and it was Elder C!! He is the Irish Elder who I served around in Sopron. We were in a tri-ship for a couple days so that I could train him how to be a successful secretary and it was the funnest thing ever! The office actually became a cool place. We also had quite a bit of success finding too, which was funny because it was at the most random times; like shopping at the nagy piac on P-day we met this cool lady who we talked to for 30min. and she wanted us to come back sometime. Then at Burger King I met this super girl named "K" who surprised me when I ordered in Hungarian and she answered back in fluent American English. We talked to her for a while, but she was working so we just gave her our number and later she called us and we met with her, and she is super cool.

Anyways Eger is flippin tiny compared to all my other cities, especially compared to Budapest. I haven't left Budapest since May; I lived there for around 8 months. At first, I really wanted to leave, but as I got to the train station, I really didn't want to go... I really fell in love with Budapest. I’m even thinking about going back for a semester abroad or something. But Eger is super pretty and a really nice town. We actually went to the basilica here which is huge and it turned out that they were having mass. . . it was very interesting, a ton different than our church, but it was super cool to see!

Anyways hope every bodies New Year was spectacular!!

Elder Waldvogel


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