Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, February 15, 2015

January 27, 2015

Dear family,

Some exciting news... IM STAYING IN EGER AND TRAINING!!! Woot, we will see next week who I get, but I’m super stoked though. I’ve always wanted to train. 

Anywho, this week was pretty fun, sadly we didn’t have a ton of success finding, except a referral we got from a member who she set up with to meet and also this lady who just walked up to us and asked if we had her phone number and gave it to us… pretty cool.

But we did have some super good programs. We met with this one less active woman and we had a super good program with her. She kinda realized how inactive she was and how long it’s been since they have prayed as a family and read scriptures together. The spirit was just super strong and it was way great, kinda sad, but she and her family came to church Sunday which was way awesome!!! We also had a super good program with this other guy named G, who has a lot of teddy bears around his house. We talked a bit about temples and it was a really short program but the spirit was super strong and I feel like he is really ready for baptism, he just works a TON.

Also there was a baptism and the wonderful Elder P. did the honors of baptizing her, pretty cool. We also met with that super cool family again and they have the flipping funniest kid ever, he was so sarcastic, and he is only like 6 or 7!! The dad asked him to turn the TV volume off since we were going to pray an then afterwards he was like "you can turn it back up a bit but only to 6" and his son was like "okay 100 it is" and he was just making tons a jokes. The program itself was good, we watched the restoration with them and the dad now seems to be a bit more interested.

After teaching B. the 13 year old I got into a burp contest with him for like 5 minutes, we also went streeting with him which was super funny. Then at church we had to teach the young men, there was 2 of them, the one was like 11 and the other 13 so we played a little game where they had to answer some questions in order to move forward in the game. The one was just telling me a ton of Chuck Norris jokes in Hungarian... so flippin funny! They are so much funnier in Hungarian. LOL.

The overall lesson of the week was, to enjoy the little things. Have a great week and be grateful for the small tender mercies!

Elder Waldvogel 

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