Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, February 15, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear Family,

It’s weird that I didn’t get to see Hailee’s farewell or Homecoming :( But all well, ilyen az élet. This week was pretty interesting, it was hard, but at the same time it was super fun.

We met with a lot of less active members which was really fun and interesting. One lives in a mental hospital because she has Alzheimer’s. It was a pretty fun visit with her cuz we sang a lot, super funny old néni. We also visited another guy who lives super far away. He is partially blind and has been going through some procedure to try to fix his eyes; so we met with him and he talked a ton about the communist era and why he is so thankful to America... it was super funny and pretty cool. It was a bit difficult because we went with the B's and I had to translate the entire time, so after 2 hours my brain was dead because he just non-stop talked… and in addition, earlier that day we had a super intense meeting that I had to translate for where I kinda had to be a bit bold with some members, while Translating, so it was super hard but a good experience ...  translating skills LVL UP!!! Then we gave him a blessing for his eyes, so hopefully his eyes slowly get better.

We will be meeting with that super cool family later today, so hopefully that will go good. Also we met with B. again (the 13 year old) and in order to get him interested we always end up playing some type of game, like Mario on the board in order to get him to answer questions and it was super funny. My comp is very creative. There’s even this place here where you can custom make shirts so he made a drawing and we turned it into a comp item shirt!! Its super sick, I’ll show a pic of it.

We also met this super cool investigator whose children are members, let’s just call him Joe. He also makes whips and is one of the best in Hungary; but one must first put in an order and then he will get it a few months, so I wanted to ask dad if he wanted a whip. I was assuming that he would so I was planning on getting one for him, but I wanted to ask you for sure if you want one Dad? They cost around 60 to 65 bucks, but they are pretty legit. My comp just got one and they are handmade by a skilled Hungarian craftsman who is also super cool, a bus driver and he is so proud of it!!!

We also got a let in while tracting by this super cool néni who met with the missionaries in the past and loves talking about religion. She had a ton of questions and it was awesome because they ALL were about the plan of Salvation and I just loved sitting on her couch explaining the plan to this old néni. She wants to come to church so hopefully next week we can get her to come. All in all it was a good program.

Other than that, nothing tooo spectacular, just a lot of missionary work, finding, meeting with people, wooot!!

Hope you are all doing AWESOME!!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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