Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015
Dear Family,

So this week was pretty intense for many reasons, one being valentine’s day, the other is that we had to go up to zone training in Miskolc and later on Sunday and Monday we had to go up to Budapest for "new Missionary training" so Winegar could go to the most wonderful place on earth . . The Hivatal. It was super fun though because we got to spend the night for a while with the other trainers and just talk for hours and then Elder G. (another trainer who is also half Hungarian) and I went to the Secretaries house to spend the night which was super fun, because I already served with B. and C. Elders… We just ate palincsintas and played some board games. Overall it was super fun, but the train rides were super tiring, but Elder W. is a beast and on the ride back he would just start talking to people on the train in Hungarian and ask if he could practice Hungarian because he was new and he would practice and hold conversations for like more than half an hour. THAT’S MY BOY!! He’s really starting to learn the language now, it’s super hard to teach him, just because I want to teach him everything at once, but he has such a drive to learn this language, he’s going to be an awesome missionary.

Meeting with people was pretty hard this week just because like everybody cancelled :( but on the bright side we did meet with some new people and we had some success tabling too! my comp and I felt like tabling so we head out for 2 hours and during it D. and H. (the B's granddaughter) came up and chatted with us for a while, then left. I thought it was noteworthy because it was valentine’s day and D. has a girlfriend who he wasn’t with and instead was hanging out with another girl, LOL. Then our land lady comes and starts talking to us and so does this super old néni who is like 70 and she pointed to a Joseph Smith pamphlet talking about how she read it and asked when he is coming to Hungary . . . whelp, I told her he passed away, but then I likened it unto the modern prophet and our landlady was also talking us up and was like telling the lady to take some pamphlets and we gave her a BoM; she also talked about her daughter who is also looking for the truth. Super awesome!
Also Valentine’s Day was a bit hard just because literally everybody was in couples and not super willing to listen; but we did see a dog who was WALKING ITSELF!! In America you walk the dog, but in Hungary, the dog walks himself! He seriously had his own leash in his mouth. LOL gotta enjoy the little weird things.

Also we met with another band of nénis from the area book, which was super funny because as we got to know them they had a BILLION questions about missionaries and what we do and what we can and can’t do. Super funny, and later the one wants to take us to go shopping for some old time kézimunka (Hungarian traditional dresses) that Elder W. wants to get for his mom because his mom is Hungarian; she was born in America and speaks very simple Hungarian. It was a really fun program.
Also church was super good, we had a church leader from the district who gave a talk and then Priesthood was super awesome!! we talked about making good decisions and later shared a video by Jeffery R Holland which was the super awesome one where he talks about getting in our faces a bit with just enough heat to singe our eyebrows, just like a coach does towards the end of the game; and the spirit was just so strong, and we asked our inv. and a young member if they liked it, and they really did and so then we asked why they liked it . . . and you could tell that they felt the spirit and even our one inv. said that he just couldn’t describe it and at the time there was also a super cool leader in the stake that was there and he talked to them about serving a mission and our inv. asked about what they need to do and we just testified and it was super amazing.

Well, that was pretty much all of it. Have a spectacular week

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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