Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

June 6, 2013

Dear Family,

The first week here has been pretty crazy and also pretty challenging. The district I'm in is way awesome, we all get along super well and we have had some fun times together with a lot more to come. The Hungarian language is extremely difficult and reminds me of how yoda speaks. So I will actually be here 9 weeks because the language is so difficult. I leave for Hungary on July 30, I believe. The older Hungarians are now in their consecration week, where they only speak Hungarian so we are probably going to learn a ton just from hanging around them. The west campus is a ton different from the East one. We have so much more freedom and space and a ton less people.

My companion is way awesome and has experienced so much in his life. His name is Elder D. He is 22 and was converted a year and a month ago. He went to San Diego University (I think) and played basketball. He's super chill and is one of the most spiritual elders I have ever met. We got our first "investigator" and he is a Hungarian who moved here and his name is Andras. Every single time we meet with him, the spirit is just gets stronger and stronger every time we teach him. We just asked him to get babtized and it was like throwing a pokeball at a pokemon, it wabbles a few times right before you think he's going to commit (or be caught) he breaks out. So close! But he said he would think about it so I look forward to the future.

On Monday we will have to give the first lesson completly in Hungarian which makes me really nervous just because of how little we all know. I have learned so much about the language and even more about the gospel and bearing my testimony and just really letting the spirit guide. I'm grateful that I have this opportunity and hope you're all doing well. Is anything cool happening? Also Happy Father's Day to you Dad, although I might not be there physically, I will be mentally (if that makes any sense). I can't seem to get the SD card into the computer and I don't have my cord sooooooo I can't show you any pictures, I only have one of myself though so far, the rest are of my district or the temple.
I'm also greatly suffering from the lack of sleep and of good music. I just realized that I could've brought a ton of good music that is calm and relaxing, that isn't the same ol church Motab. So tell Hailee to bring music, so she doesn't make my same mistake.

Waldvogel Elder
P.S. the elder comes second in Hungarian


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