Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Family,

I kind of know how to make nokedli, but I do not have the recipe, I’ll have to get it. Anyway, sounds like it will be a fun trip to go pick Hailee up . . . without . . . me! Yea the book thief was a pretty good book from what I remember. I read it in middle school, so I don't remember too much. But it’s nice to see that you are doing awesome. Your new callings sound like they will be way fun!

Well it FINALLY started snowing here in Hungary which kinda really stinks especially since I left my beanie at the zone leaders place in Győr, so it’s been a wee bit chilly. But this winter so far was so much nicer than last year from what I’ve heard. Last year there was like a huge snow storm and it snowed from early December through March. Woot!

Well splits in Győr were interesting. We worked really hard which was nice, but we pretty much were just finding all day. We had to take a train there and back which was fun, but I learned quite a bit and Elder Squire was super cool. It was weird leaving our area completely empty and both of us working in Győr, but it was fun. We really focused on praying for something very specific, so all together we prayed to find a family that would be able to get baptized. Then as we were tracting we ran into a lot of cool families; one in particular was SUPER cool mostly because when we opened the door she immediately smiled! That almost NEVER happens. She was super nice and really interested. SO the message of the story is: prayer works.

Also some big news! We're getting kicked out of our apartment! Don’t know what is going on but I guess that our land lady wants the apartment back, so now we have been looking for a new apartment which hasn't been going very well. We found one place but it was TINY, and quite expensive for such a small apartment, so we are still on the lookout. But it wasn’t all bad, while waiting for a lady to show us some apartment’s we played with a giant flock of pigeons that we found around some old bread so we broke it up and got them to go crazy! We got super close to them and I kept touching some of them with my shoe and they were so into the bread to even care. Then we startled them and it was the scariest thing, like a hundred pigeons started flying right at us and I was just like,"ahhhwhahshhawhhahwa" . . . and saw my life flash before my eyes, anyways I took pics to send.As for the work here in Sopron, it is going pretty good. The new sisters are doing super good, and we actually found and met with this super cool lady, let’s call her Sziv (which means heart in Hungarian) she is super nice and has a baby that’s almost 1 year of age. She is super cool. We met with her and talked to her about the restoration and also about family and how we believe the gospel can help the family. Turns out she is having some family issues at this time so I really hope that we can help her.

And Lin is doing pretty well; she really likes Elder Larson, they get along pretty well which is really great to see. Then Liz isn’t doing the best right now mostly because during our last program with her, when we started going through the smoking program she straight up said that she had no desire to be baptized. This was super sad to me, because she knows that this is true and she told us that she knows the book of Mormon is true and wanted to be baptized, yet she refuses to quit smoking. . It just makes me super sad.

Well so my week this week really hasn’t been too exciting, just a lot of knockin on doors and trying to save souls. We also attended a funeral which was a bit different, but for the most part it was the same as in America. It was for a member that recently passed away. She was in a retirement home and was about 81 years old, so it wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was still pretty sad. I didn’t know her at all, but it was sad to see others in so much pain. Plus it was also snowing outside which adding to the sad atmosphere already in existence.

Sok Szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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