Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, April 6, 2014

July 25, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

YES I DID SEE HAILEE!!!! And I will give you some pictures soonigh. My companion has been doing a lot better and I really love the pats you gave me, they're pretty sweeeet! It's weird now to think that I have been here for 2 months and IM FINALLY GOING TO GO TO HUNGARY. I'm super excited, but its also kind of sad because im going to miss so many of the great friends I have made here and especially the great teachers who have completely changed my life, we said our goodbyes to 2 of the teachers, which I was pretty much crying when Grossen Testver was going because he was such a great example and taught us soo much and he was pretty much like our MTC Father in our little district family. We also would always joke around and call him our Hűséges Solyom, or Kedvesem (faithful falcon or my darling). We had some good times. And I really want to be a missionary who is able to teach and to love just as my teachers have, because they have helped me and undescribable amount, and I want others to feel that some way.

Consencration week was pretty amazing, at first it was super, but then it became rather easy and then after we were finished it was the weirdest thing to speak english for a little while to me. It was also amazing to see all the blessings that come through consectration wether it be help with the language or spiritual. I learned sooo many spiritual things while during consencration week.

Also I got to see my sister which was amazing in itself, it was really crazy because I could not see her during choir, but I did see Kim who actually saw hailee come in and sit down and then she showed me the way and it was totally awesome. And its nice to know that theres somebody so close to me who will also be going through similair challenges.

Its been pretty crazy lately with all the packing and things but I really hope yall are doing well, and I really hope you can find some hobby to fill in the empty nest. I love you all so much, I don't really know exactly what time I will be calling at on Monday or even which phone I should call sooooooooo yea . . . I think I know your phone number but I can't remmember exactly. But most likely I will call sometime after 12, most likely around 4 ish give or take and hour.

PS thanks for the pants and stuff it was really awesome, especially the little book. at first i was like what am i going to do with this thing . . . then I decided to make it into my own set of scriptures like nephi that contains everything that I learn from my personal study, while my journal will record more of my actually experiences throughout my mission.

sok seretettel,
Waldvogel Elder


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