Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, April 6, 2014

July 4, 2014

Sziasztok Csaladok,

The language has been kind of tough because I learn better just by being completely immersed in things, but the 2 SYL days (speaking only Hungarian) were good and now we are doing 4 total this week. Honestly I can't wait to go to Hungary just so I can hear actual locals speak and get down their accent. But today we listened to some recordings of like a 6 year old and her teacher and I understood almost nothing . . . Yea

I’ve also been kinda sick the last couple days but all well it happens. Then yesterday my companion and I had a pretty bad day just because we weren't really on the same page and we were both kinda sick and just out of it completely, but we will do better tomorrow. Other than that everything else has been going really well surprisingly. It's hard but it’s also so great at the same time, especially to progress so much spiritually and in the language.

It's crazy to think about how much that I have learned even though I still can't speak as much as a 6 year old. It’s so cool how the Lord helps us out so much as long as we work and strive for it, and of course with a ton of patience. and not only for language but for everything else as well.
We also had another devotional Tuesday that was just so amazing, because i learned so much from it and the speaker taught about how everybody has a role to play in their life, and then asked us what our part was in life. And that was just such an amazing question. "What is your part in life?" then later he had another amazing quote from somebody "what e'er thou art, act well thy part." It was just such an inspiring devotional I wish that everybody could hear these amazing speakers.

That’s so great to hear about the progress that Brayden and Christie are making, I pray for them every day. I do actually need another smaller picture of our family, just one that I could show to investigators and members, also if you could send me a picture of Grandpa and Grandma that would be pretty nice too. I actually ran into Sister Dunn the other day it was really cool to see her. I also saw Kim and played an intense game of charades with her, because she was sitting in the sister's choir. I also saw Elder Sutton which was pretty cool.

I'm sorry that you had to clean my room Hailee, it must've been pretty bad especially with all the junk that was stored in there. Anyway the MTC is pretty great except for everything is pretty crammed in a small space, like the rooms in the main campus and all the classrooms. We actually moved classrooms the other day which was super sad because I named both of my desks and now I don’t see them anymore. .

It's weird to think that Andy is back in Germany maybe ill get to see him sometime. Yea Flake Elder's ancestor actually first founded snowflake arizona, which is pretty cool. But I think he lived in Mesa Arizona most of his life.

I actually just finally translated OWLL

In Hungarian it would be VEMS

Engedelmesked – obedience
Munka - work
Szeret - love
and for leadership I can only remember that it starts with "vet"

Waldvogel Elder

PS thanks for all the help with the mp3 it will be really nice  to have in the field
PS PS also you can put my email up on Facebook if you haven’t already

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