Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Well that’s awesome to see that everything is going swell. Sister Brown is doing a TON better. I saw her bite on Sunday and it was super gross, but the last time I saw it, it didn’t look bad at all. I’m serving around sister Fowers and Sister Daniels still, sister Daniels was actually in my district in Szombathely, so I already knew her pretty well. Also super funny, I was looking at the pictures of you two and the sisters were both complementing you saying that I had "super good looking parents".

Fruit trees, that’s awesome! There are a ton of people here who grow their own fruit trees, like almost everybody who lives in a family home.

Anywho, this week was pretty sweet and a lot better than last week. First off… lately we’ve been trying to get more involved in the community so we went with Elder Brown to this hunting shop to ask about a hunting club, and we also of course looked at some guns. Super awesome! The guy showed us these 2 pistols and dad you would have loved them. The one was a Russian Spec Ops .22 that was just super sick looking, I should’ve took some pictures, and the other was an older Hungarian made 9mil and they’re both only 100 dollars and work perfectly. Elder Brown was asking if there was a way to bring them back into America, it was super funny.

Then we went to the Orphanage again which was super awesome! My comp played his Ukulele and let some of the kids play it. Aww, it was so cute. And I played with Lila (she’s my favorite one) we just looked at little pictures of people and tried to imitate their faces, super funny. I’m kinda sad though because that was probably my last time there, because I’m most likely leaving this next transfer (next week).

Then we also called an old investigator and he wanted to meet that night, so we met with him and he’s super legit, let’s call him Bart. He is from Peru originally, so he has this super funny Spanish accent in Hungarian and he is super religious. He talked about how he heard the word Mormon 3 times that day, twice from idk what and then we called… so he took it as a sign from God and he was super willing to listen to us and were meeting with him again today, I’m pretty stoked.

We also had a program with Liz and it was super good, we just shared Nephi 3:7 (because elder Brown suggested it) and it was super good!! she just barely moved and her new roommate doesn’t smoke so she can’t smoke inside anymore and then the weather also has been bad lately so she doesn’t want to go outside to smoke and then we told her about the word of wisdom and now she really has a desire to quit smoking and it was just a miracle. I am super happy; I knew it would happen; it just needed some time and a whole lot of prayer. Thank you all for also keeping her in your prayers.

The beauty of the várkerület
Then to top it off, I had my first translating all by myself. My companion had to go and translate for Elder Brown and I went to translate for Sister Brown who was planning a family history program with a member and I was surprised at how easy it was really. Sister Brown speaks pretty simply; for the most part, which is super nice and made it much easier, but yea it went really well I was surprised.
Then today we are going to a Chocolate factory. My goal… to quote as many 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' quotes as possible!

Hope you’re all doing Awesome!!!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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