Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

October 14, 2013

Dear Family,

So the Baptisms were really cool! They took place inside of a... well it’s hard to explain, but it was like a natural hot spring that we rented out. It was really funny because both of the néník were up to their necks just standing in the water so it was pretty easy to baptize them. The spirit was just so powerful during it, there is one youth whose older sister and mother are members and he’s around 13. He decided that he wants to get baptized on his birthday just from being there. It was Sooo amazing! Then after we had a süti buli . . a pastry party?? It was good and then at the end one of the ladies who was baptized gave all the elders the whole cheek kissing thing which was really foreign and awkward, but after my mission I will probably bring it to our family woohooo!

Yea I haven’t received my package yet cuz it got stuck in customs and it cost quite a bit of money to get it out so just be aware to not put the value price of things too high because the Hungarian customs is apparently very stingy.

So this week was pretty good. One highlight was when we met with my favorite Romanian family on Saturday, they’re so nice and friendly and there kids are the funniest. The boy whos around 6 is pretty wild but super funny and always kisses pictures of Christ. They’re just an amazing family and I love them so much. We also met with this inactive member who is really cool, but rather difficult to get her to understand the gospel and get her to attend church, so we ended up just doing a chill lesson on music which worked really well because she loves music and she really opened up more to us and were able to get to know and understand her better.  Other than that we didn’t have a super effective week because most of our lessons dropped, but it was still good because we found quite a bit of people who are interested.

Then Sunday was pretty interesting because  an investigator we brought, got up for fast and testimony meeting and kind of just went ham, talking about how he and his old friends steal and told another story about an angel or something he saw which wasn’t the best thing to share in front of a congregation of people . . . and then the branch president was pretty mad at us . . it was kind of funny though, but mostly not good.

Today the other Elders/Zone leaders needed help moving their furniture around because their entire apartment was getting the walls repainted and there was a lot of work that needed to be done on it so now they’ve moved in with us!!! Party with the zone leaders minden nap, egész nap!

én titeket szeretlek!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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