Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Thursday, April 3, 2014

June 20, 2013

Dear Family,
I did in fact know Elder Neely and he's from st. george too he knew Shie, which was pretty funny. Our first discussion in Hungarian was really bad, but we kept on getting better and better. We had our first TRC which was way sweet because the first person we taught was an RM from Hungary and we just talked to him and talked to him a bit about prayer, and then he gave the most amazing prayer I have ever felt and even though I understood none of it the spirit was just soo strong. Our next one I bore my testimony in Hungarian, it was super simple, but I felt that it was really powerful.

We only go to the East campus on pdays, but we now go to every devotional which is held in the Mariott Center and I've been practicing and singing with the Choir. The next devotional is a worldwide one where there should be apostles talking so it's going to be way sweet. 

The tie is suppossed to stay inside the MTC and the zone, and also worn once a week which I do wear on Mondays. 21 new missionaries came into our zone and 16 of them are sisters so the  new training sisters are going to have a lot of work.

But I'm so excited to talk and get to know them today, because we have been so lonely the past couple of days because we were the only district for 2 days. It was pretty sad. So Dad I know you wanted a Hungary shirt, what size of shirt do you wear? Also the language has been coming suprisingly well, although I'm still not very good at it or as good, I know that it just takes a lot of patience, prayer and hard work.  Brother Beaumont is so amazing, he served as an assistant to the president and came home around last October. It's funny to think that my companion is actually older than him.

I'm still loving the MTC even though I am a bit anxious to get out in the field and just serve. And my companion and I get along super well. Hailee, I'm so excited to hear that you got to go through the Temple, it can be a great experience, but you have to make it a good experience. That's sad that Andy left, funny that I will be somewhat closer to him in a month and a half. I've been keeping up with ryan, peter, austin, kenneth and spencer through email and they all seem to be doing really well.

That's really great to hear about Christie and Braden, I've been praying a lot lately for them and also all of you. I really hope that the lessons are going good and they are really feeling the spirit. The most important part is that they continue to pray and read the scriptures, because it is just the most powerful thing yet also the most simple. It's impossible to stress exactly how important this is. Nagyan Fontos ! We learn that a lot here, because we can't give them a testimony, they actually have to nurture and grow their own and prayer and scripture reading is the most important. So many times are we taught that we should Never leave a lesson without giving at least one commitment.

I've been eating pretty well and taking the vitamins pretty often, but for some reason I have been getting cancor sores that last an abnormal amount of time and are just really annoying, It might be because of my retainer but I don't really know.

Love Waldvogel Elder


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