Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 8, 2014

Dear Family,
Who doesnt like babies slaying a dragon with a trident and axe
Well this week was a pretty crazy week, filled with success, failure, sadness, betrayal, vengeance, love and general conference! Really a lot of stuff happened, and now I have to jam it all into a tight little email.

So Transfer calls came and miraculously I am staying!! wooot, I’ve been here in Sopron for quite some time now, but I’m super excited to stay.

So the week started off normal as I recall, until we met with a member who is borderline inactive and as we went up we saw him smoking before he quickly dashed inside… it was really sad because he is like only one of the three active Melchizedek priesthood holders in this branch that is already super weak and full of drama (even hair pulling). But, the branch president here is such a good guy and is really working hard to keep it alive.

Then we went to go look of some RCLAs and we knocked on a guys door and it turned out that he passed away 2 months earlier… and nobody in the branch even knew about it... it was super sad. It was his wife (not a member) who answered, so we ended up asking her if we could talk. So we met with her for a few minutes and had a good little discussion, about him and life after death and were looking forward to meeting with her again.

Also on Friday a recent convert from Eger, k. is her name, came to visit Elder F. and Z. from szombathely (another recent convert) also came. We were trying to play matchmaker and hook them up with each other. But woo, it did not succeed. But it was still a fun experience.

Also this pretty cool guy randomly showed up to English class and he was pretty interested, so we had a pretty good program with him that day along with Zsolt. The only problem is he works a ton in Austria (like everybody here in Sopron) but we will call him Pete.

So, how was everybody’s General Conference Experience!!?!! I hope it was AWESOME. They normally broadcast it translated by some Hungarian who might be there at the conference, I assume so. Last conference, I just listened to it and almost got nothing out of it because I understood almost nothing. But this year we had the amazing opportunity to watch it in ENGLSIH, because of the Browns. SO we did, except for the priesthood session.... We watched that in Hungarian and it was mind blowing how much more I could understand, super funny. But yea, conference was super awesome and It really helped me a ton with a lot of different things that I can’t even begin to explain milyen csodálatos volt.

We’ve also just had a lot more success coming a lot easier for some reason… I’m not sure exactly what we are doing differently, but it is working for sure.
Eszterházy Kastély
Also, just today, we also went to this super awesome palace here on Hungary called Eszterházy Kastély and it was the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes on… Utterly spectacular. I’m over exaggerating a bit, but photos really don’t do it justice, super pretty. I’ll send sum pics 4 sho!
Other than that Lin and Liz are both doing pretty awesome, Lin is especially doing a lot better with her foot, so that’s really good!Anywho I hope yall are doing fantastic! And loving life

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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