Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

February 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Yea we’ve heard quite a bit about the Olympics from people in our English class (they’re super cool). I hope a Hungarian wins an event so you can hear the national anthem its pretty sweeeeeeeeat. It’s good that your email had a coincidental theme involving charity, because lately I have also been trying super hard to work on being more charitable and sometimes it is really hard, especially lately. But charity is also long suffering and patient, so I have really been learning to hold my tongue and just try to focus on the positives. By far the best help can be found towards the end of Moroni, chapter 7 where it talks a lot about charity and how the best way is to simply pray for it consistently and it has really helped me tons!

Anyways this week was pretty awesome, we’ve been doing a lot of old investigator and less active look ups and it was really successful! We set up with a guy and met with him and he was pretty rendes. We were also let in by a member family who hasn’t come to church in around 10 years! She was showing us pictures of the old branch and missionaries. They were super funny and pretty cool, but I guess they had some hard times with the old branch. We told them it’s COMPLETELY different now considering only 3 people remain from the old branch. They didn’t come to church but we will keep trying!

Also on Thursday all 6 missionaries in Sopron, the sisters, the browns and us went to the orphanage with a super cool lady from English class who plays this old cello like instrument. It’s a bit smaller and has 6 strings, and she gave a little music presentation/concert to the kids and then let some of the kids play it and showed them how… it was so awesome and so much fun! The kids loved it and they were super funny! We already knew a few of them because their mom is one of the sisters’ investigators and we met them a few times and they’re hilarious. Then after the little concert, Elder Brown (older missionary) got up and gave a magic show which watching the children’s reaction to that was sooo funny, they loved it so much! This one little kid kept trying to figure it out and unmask the trick and actually succeeded a few times, pretty smart for a 8 year old. I freaking love kids, especially little Hungarians.

Then Friday was just completely demolished with the 3 hour train ride to Budapest for interviews and another 3 hours back. But interviews were pretty good; President Smith is a really funny guy. I would have taken pictures but the fog in Budapest was TERRIBLE. But we did find a place there where one can buy American soda, so I had my first mountain dew for like 8 months or so, it was like liquid gold.

I also realized that I failed at taking pictures this week…  Sorry everyone… I have brought dishonor upon mai famiree.

Anyway, stay cool!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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