Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

September 9, 2013

Well today was transfer day which is why p-day was on a Tuesday and apparently IM STAYING HERE IN SZEGED WOO!!! And this transfer is 10 weeks long which is pretty intense. Everything is going pretty good, I have to give a talk this Sunday which I’m pretty nervous about just because its kind of hard to speak still, but ive been learning a lot especially on how to pronounce. I’m not sure if I already told yall but there are some people who live around Szeged who have this weird accent where they switch their "e" with a "ö" and apparently i am somehow picking it up because I said it twice… and I’m most likely going to be here until November maybe even longer.
In other news I had my first real dream in Hungarian wooot, and ever since then there has always been at least some Hungarian in my dreams, kinda weird how it works, but it’s pretty cool.
So this week we've been dogged a lot, but we have had quite a bit more success in finding people that we will hopefully teach this week. We actually tried something new finding techniques that came out pretty good. One was we went tabling and chalking, tabling is just putting up a table with some book of Mormon and pamphlets and then just talking with people, chalking is using chalk to draw the plan of salvation on the sidewalk and a lot of people ask what it is and we tell them, so using both was pretty effective, also my companion and I B Boxed with Peruvian flutes just for fun and to lighten up the mood. We actually found quite a bit of people interested in meeting it was cool, and this guy came up to me as I was drinking from the Anna Kut and quoted the scripture… he that drinketh from the fountain of life shall never thirst again… I was so surprised, because he was speaking English, he confronted me and quoted a scripture, it was really awesome! He wanted to meet and he was really interested in Joseph Smith and the starting of the church. SO we met with him and he turned out to be a Jehovah Witness which was pretty cool, then later for the second lesson we met at the anna kut and he asked us if we could go inside and meet in a building, so we were like, yea. So we went and the building turned out to be a Jehovah Witness Church. We taught him a lesson inside in a library room where there were no other people which was pretty interesting, because I felt like I was crossing into enemy lines. But he’s really cool and pretty interested and still hasn’t preached to us at all which is still kind of surprising.

Another type of finding we have tried was based off of a scripture 2 Nephi 32: 3-5 which talks about how the words of Christ will tell you all things that you should do and the spirit will show you all things that you should do. So we would open the scriptures and then let the spirit guide which sent me onto the GRANDEST ADVENTURE OF MY LIFE. it was intense. SO first we read about people going into the wilderness so we left heading towards uj Szeged forest while streeting people, which had very little success, then when we got there we looked up another scripture and it told us to go to a tree with fruit on it, so we decided on a tree and went over to it, then we read again and it said return again into the land . . and we were like: what the snap! We just got here! But all well maybe there’s some purpose to it . . So we head back and we are confronted by some poor people asking for money and we offer to give them some food because we can’t give out money . . So we go get some food and come back and give it to them, which I felt pretty good about. Then we read again . . and we read that we should sing the song in our hearts . . then we read another scripture somewhere completely different that again said to sing . . . So we sang in public and it was kinda weird and took a lot of courage. We didn’t sing super loud but it was still weird singing church music in the middle of the city. Then we read to look for zarahemlans who were rejoicing, so we were just walking when we ran into the group of Romanians and we talked a bit with one of them a few times and so we talked to them a bit and then he was pretty rude to us and we left. so it was late at night and we were super tired and we’ve had almost no success and we open up a scripture which talked about how we need to humble ourselves to the depths . . . Probably the most humbling moment of my life . . . because we were rejected and went to the forest and back for no reason, we sang some random song in public, which just felt awkward and we were pretty much made fun of and rejected a lot . . . but it was all a lesson… Lesson learned!

Another day while we were streeting we felt like we should go across the bridge so we go and we weren’t having really any success at all then as we were walking to the Uj Szeged forest this girl was looking at us and said hello, and I said hello and then tried to speak but i couldn’t remember what to say, it was pretty funny but then she turned and said wait and said that she wanted to talk to us. her name is S, her family is inactive and she has been inactive for 3 years now and she just moved to Szeged that day, and we were like woooooah.. and she was also interested in meeting.

Also while emailing we ran into a guy that we’ve been trying to set a date of when to meet for a while who we found in the area book, and so we just talked with him for a while it was pretty good, but now he doesn’t have much time.

Not much other stuff, other than I did buy an sd card converter, it was 3700 forint or so (like a little less than 20 bucks). and if you do ever send me anything make sure that you send some PEANUT BUTTER… I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. its super expensive and weird here. Also if you would like to send some flash drives a lot of the members just give out Hungarian music so I might just fill up some flash drives and send them back.

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder


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