Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Thursday, April 10, 2014

August 5, 2013

Hungary is soooo beautiful!!! It's kinda of crazy to think that I am finally here and I finally get to help and serve people. we started a new companionship down here in szeged and this place is extremely beautiful and one of the hottest cities in Hungary probably. But I'm legitimately thinking about moving here some day or at least coming back to visit. Anyway my companion is totally amazing and hilarious, he's the funniest elder I've ever met. he Bboxes and also likes to make up funny voices and one day I just walked into the bedroom and he was on his bed and started bucking and making donkey
sounds which was probably the funniest/most random thing I have ever seen... sort of.

Anyway, I understand almost NOTHING... the accents here are crazy! I can't even explain what it is, but its slowly getting easier for me. We have been streeting and a little bit of tracting because we just white washed here... so we need to find people. So far we have given one lesson and we have one investigator.

My first Sunday was pretty cool except for my companion and I were sooo exhausted because our entire bodies were sore, it was fast Sunday and it was just crazy hard this first week... especially with a little bit of jet lag.
My companion has really been teaching me a ton of things, especially when it comes to just listening to the spirit and having faith in the Lord. And the only way he will help you is if you First believe, then he will show unto blessings. Every day we just put our faith in the lord that
we will find somebody who is ready to accept the gospel and every day we try our hardest and normally we will find somebody.

Story time!  so it was saturday night and we were going tracting just letting the spirit guide and we just walked right into the apartment complex and the door was unlocked which was pretty weird, so we talked to some people and one family seemed pretty interested and we got their number, then late we talked to this other man who was a little bit confused at how we got in and was a little bit annoyed at us and was asking how we got in and how the door was always locked and we were started to leave and I said jo napot kivanjuk and he asked where we were from *because he noticed I was terrible at speaking, and we talked to him for a while about mormons and cleared up some stereotypes it was pretty good. but the best part of Saturday night is when we ran into a man who we met with earlier who said if he saw us again that day, he would give us his number . . and he did, it was pretty great, I guess it must have been a sign.
I've also learned a ton more about Hungary and the culture and also traditions, like after a marriage some cars drive away and just constantly honk the horn and you can hear them from practically a mile away. Also there's this spot where water comes up from like a natural spring and they just built this cool little thing where you can fill up water bottles with it and its super hot and smells like rotten eggs but the locals say that it helps your stomach, makes your hair lighter and even cures cancer! I drank some cold *(because it actually tastes like water if you drink it cold) at night one time and the next day we played basketball in the morning (cuz pday) and I'm pretty sure it gave me super powers, because ive never been able to make so many shots. true story.

Also the people here are amazing; I just wish that I could understand them perfectly but I just need to try hard and stay positive because its going to take a long time.

I love all of you!!
Waldvogel Elder

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