Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 18, 2014

Dear Family,

The biggest news yet!!! It’s pretty crazy, are you sitting down? Yes? Well then, stand up and sit back down and get ready for this amazing news!

Well, turns out that I am STAYING IN SOPRON!!! And I’m going co-senior!! And were going to be in a TRI-Companionship, I’ll be serving with Elder Flake (from the MTC, woot!) and also Elder Sterri (who rumor has it, is an awesome guy!). And I’ll be serving as district leader.

Also this week has been literally insane. SO much has happened. I don’t even know where to begin.

First off we went to the chocolate factory place, where of course I had to drop some Willy Wonka quotes and songs, so it was definitely a success. I’ve also learned so much useless knowledge about coco beans, how chocolate is made and how the Swiss invented the milk chocolate. Also got to, of course, taste a lot of amazing chocolate that sent me down a figurative chocolate river of deliciousness.

This week has still been super hard for us, mostly because we were dogged and cancelled a lot, and we had zone conference on Thursday which completely destroyed that work day, but at least Lin is doing pretty good. Liz is going up to Debrecen for a week to divorce her husband (who wasn’t the best husband) so we hope that will be ok. We’ve also been meeting with this other lad and we will call him Laci. He’s pretty cool… he is this old guy who is pretty religious and really funny. He has met with the missionaries on and off in the past, but so far so good. He has 2 awesome little white dogs, one actually threw up on my pants and shoes, but we just went on with the lesson like almost nothing happened, it was super funny.

Also there was a Hungarian Holiday on the 15th where almost every place was closed. There was a little program outside and there were Hungarian flags everywhere, it was super sick!! I loved it and everybody wears this little ribbon that they pin onto their shirts. So we went to Petőfitér for like a half hour just to check out the celebration and I’ll send pics. We were super tired from the 6 hours of train travel, and all the dogs, and it was a holiday, and we just felt like pooop. but we carried on and we still went out tracting… and we met one of the COOLEST GUYS EVER! He answered the door actually with his shirt off and he had a star trek necklace on, so we talked about that a bit after we introduced ourselves. He is in his late 20s, really religious and when I was asking him questions, he was actually thinking about them and was really interested, so we set up an appointment with him and I’m stoked!!!!! That just proves something that Elder Dyches talked about at zone conference, (he had some pretty awesome quotes) "Do the hard thing!" Even though it will kinda stink at the time, it will be so worth it. I’ll talk more about zone conference next time because I have like no time. So much to do, we gotta move and switch apartments with the sisters so this is going to be fun again, ROUND 3.

We also went to the Pan American picnic or something like that, it was the place where people under the iron curtain broke out in Sopron and there’s a memorial there. It was super awesome! I took tons of pics and selfies too!

Wish I had more time, G2G

Love you all!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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