Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

August 26, 2013

Dear Mom and  Dad,

Everything has been going pretty well, on Wednesday we went finding for 7 hours and there were a ton of people downtown and in uj szeged because there was some giant concert going on so we streeted a ton of people and got 7 phone numbers and we actually set up a time with one of them already!

On Thursday we had 3 lessons planned but L. was sick so we couldn't meet with him and one of them dogged and then P. had to work so we ended up having no lessons. After being dogged 3 times by people we streeted some more and finally had a lesson with an investigator that we streeted and she is SUPER awesome! here name is N. (they have this cool nickname thing where they add an i instead. imre is Imi or tibor is tibi, apparently my name would be waldoki or something like that) anyways shes way cool and we just got to  know her better and set expectations because she met with missionaries before, but shes always happy and smiling. she is an English teacher so she speaks fluent English.

Weve also been doing a ton of area book work looking through the old one and we have contacted a few of them who actually want to meet, so hopefully this week will be better with teaching, because all this streeting and tracting has been killing us.

But Europe is just so amazing, one can wear fanny packs and use man purses and have your hair cut like macklemore and its cool here. ITS AWESOME. and its pretty cheap for food here although we almost ran out of food yesterday and we had to use what we had, so we made rice with vegetables and tomato sauce, which was kinda interesting . . but we survived, so all is well.

It's been  super hard lately with just all the finding and people just never even give us a minute, most of the time we stop them and they read jesus christ and then they just go 'sorry im not interested' or 'nonono' or 'I'm in a hurry' or when im really lucky all 3. Normally we use a survey to break the ice and ask them some questions that really get them thinking and its really sad to see all their answers. one questions is if you could ask a question to god , what would it be? and most questions sadden me because I know the answer and want to help them, but they still don't care.  So I always just pick myself back up and keep trying for that one person who I can help and is willing. I put my faith in God that he will lead me to that one person.

What is this about John getting married?!?! is this the John who is practically family already??  when did they even start dating; why didnt I ever hear about this ? micsoda!?

Also I will look for that sd card adapter although I do not know where it would be, where do you thinks it would be? Also the mp3 has been working good but my companion has a ton of music on his so we mostly use his, but I really want to get some of his music because he has a ton of Hungarian music, he also gave me this cool Peruvian flute which was random but kind of cool and also a ton of winter stuff like gloves, a  scarf, a sweater and church pants with wool on the inside, but I still need to get a coat and thermals and some hats and beanies.

We werent able to meet with the guy on the bike or T, but we are planning on it next week. Yea whipping was pretty cool, I wan t to do it more but its raining right now. they can only be bought in the east but I would really like to get at least one really good one just to mess around with.

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