Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

October 28, 2013

Dear Family,

Szombathely is pretty awesome! I really like it a lot, it’s a ton different from Szeged, mostly because it’s a lot smaller and I can actually see the sky more. There’s a ton of sketchy alley ways which I never really thought existed (but they do) and then there are several falu or villages everywhere, so it’s more spread out. The branch house is like 30 minutes away, so we always just take a bus there which still takes quite some time compared to our old 5 minute walk in Szeged. But the branch here is huge and way awesome; there are so many awesome people and families here. It’s only a few people away from becoming a ward too so that will be way awesome to see.

My new companion is Elder L. and he's pretty awesome. He’s really chill, also loves music and just super funny. He uses a lot of sarcasm which just always makes me laugh.

So crazy how close this place is to Austria, we actually run into a lot of Austrians and there’s a ton of Hungarians who go to Austria for school or work. We’ve already run into 4 people who speak only German and trying to communicate with them is really hard because I forgot all my German, but all well. One of them was a member too, he showed us his temple recommend and we were like . . oooohhh and I tried to tell him my brother went on a mission to Austria and it probably sounded like. my brother missionary austria, five years. . . yea they probably think im handicapped or something.

So there’s also a lot of way cool people here in Szombathely, one man let’s call him TBone (for safety reasons), is way awesome is already on bab date and has giving up drinking is getting married to his life partner soon and is just trying his hardest to give up smoking. He has a really funny son who is a bit troublesome so he’s a bit reluctant to bring his family to church, but this last Sunday he brought him, but his companion wasn’t able to come because they just had a baby not too long ago. Also, they are poor and only have a bicycle. But we had a lesson with them that went really good and were trying to find a ride for them to get to church. We ended up asking tbone's companion if she would be baptized on the same day and she really liked the idea and so now we will teach them a bit more about commandments. I’m super excited for this awesome family.
There’s also this other family the G's. they’re not really progressing but they really love the missionaries and I guess that a month or so ago they invited the elders to a Disznó Vágát it’s a Hungarian tradition that some people do where they bring out a pig chase it down get it under control and slit its throat and let it bleed out then they use the meat and skin and all the parts to make different food. We went over and they gave us these little chunks of fried fat sprinkled with salt. I had no idea what I was eating but every time I bit into it, it just tasted like a splash of grease/oil in my mouth, the first few weren’t really bad, but as it went on my tummy was starting to die. But the family is really funny and interesting and really love us for some reason, but don’t really care to much for the gospel, kinda sad.

We also ate at the S family's house, and they’re super cool. They’re members whose dad is Hungarian and then escaped Hungary while it was under the iron curtain went to Switzerland and became converted and then got married there and then they later moved back. So they’re kids speak fluent German, Swiss German, English and Hungarian. I’m not positively sure but I think Chanelles dad actually may have baptized or taught him, you should find out if you ever get the chance.

Also a side note if you could find Zach Frasiers email address that would be awesome.

I love you all and hope ur doing awesome!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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