Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Dear Beloved Family,
Well, good to hear that Easter was overall successful. It was pretty sweet here; it was also a lot different. But because Easter is such a huge thing here, our work kinda went down and it was super hard to meet with people, so hopefully this week will be better. But we did get the chance to meet with Liz and Lin. Both were super good programs, especially with Liz considering her family is all the way over in Debrecen and she didn’t get to see them for Easter, which is super sad. We also brought them little Easter cards and wrote a little note, which they loved (because they’re sweet elderly néník). We have also been meeting with a lot of members lately and sharing a restoration message. One member named Marika was super awesome, I’ve only talked with her a few times, but it was amazing to see just by going over there, I learned sooo much more about her. We had a super good program and she had a ton of stories to share. It was kind of sad because we could tell that she wanted us to stay longer, because she is pretty lonely, but as missionaries we really can’t, so were just planning on alternating weeks to visit her.
Sunday was really awesome! The Hungarians don’t do too much on Sunday for Easter except for paint eggs and give them out to people, so of course we got quite a bit of Easter eggs. At church the other 2 elders and 2 sisters gave super good talks about Christ; starting from the preexistence until his Resurrection and they did amazing. Then we watched finding Faith in Christ, which was super awesome, especially since there was one of the sisters investigators who was a referral there for her first time at church. She was crying and you could just tell that she was feeling the Spirit so strongly. It was truly amazing. Then at 5 we had dinner with the Browns. They had a little Easter hunt waiting for us, which was really fun. We had a super good dinner; all in all it was a successful Easter…

But wait, there’s more!! The Monday after Easter is an even bigger celebration for the Hungarians. They do this really weird thing that I still don’t fully understand, even after was explained to me. Pretty much a guy goes up to a girl, says something to her and then sprays her with water or perfume. Well, a drunk guy actually asked us if we wanted to be sprayed, super random, super funny… we were just like… uhh… no thanks, and he walked off, super random. But it was super cool, there was a ton of festivities going on in the main square and there were even animals!! Super awesome! Got to pet some bunnies and touch a sheep.
But let us not forget the true meaning of Easter... CANDY!!
Just kidding that’s the true meaning of Halloween... The real meaning behind it, we are all familiar with; The resurrection of Jesus Christ, but sadly most people seem to only celebrate Christ’s Resurrection and Atonement on Easter. But it should be Easter EVERYDAY!! In fact as a missionary it pretty much is. We literally can’t go out the door without thinking about Christ considering the fact that we wear his name on our name tags. Let us always remember that we wear his name embedded on our hearts.

Hope yall had an amazing Easter, may your days be jolly and your bellies full of chocolate bunnies
Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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