Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

September 30, 2013

Hallo Family,

Its great to hear about home and how everythings going. It's weird to think about because time has been flying by... and all this crazy stuff is going on and I'm just trying to help people. Pretty crazy. Oh yea, I bought a pretty good winter coat for really cheap and I bought this super cool sweater for like 20 dollars. It's super warm and apparentley makes me look like somebody off of star trek... so says my companion. Also I was thinking about ordering this really cool waterproof bag for my birthday that they make here in Hungary most because it rains here a lot, like a ton. But I dont really want to spend like a ton of money because I hate spending a lot of money.
This week was pretty good especially since we met with the very first man that contacted on the train my 2nd day in Hungary and we taught him again and hes somewhat interested. But the coolest story is this one family who weve been trying to set up with for around 3 weeks, they stopped us on the street and we got their number and later we called and we called as they were holding family prayer which was crazy so we kept on trying to get a hod of him but it was pretty difficult, but we finally did and it was hard to teach because they have this really funny and kind of roudy 6 year old who was very distracting, but it was still good all in all. I really love this family. I'm pretty sure that they're Romanian because of their darker skin and they act differentley than the Hungarians, but theyre super awesome and way friendly. They have a little girl whos around 9 who I could understand pretty well because she spoke really clearly and more simply. We've also been meeting with a lot more people lately and hopefully it will get even better. The language is still really hard and I feel like I could be trying harder at learning it, because im just sick of not being able to completely understand people in lessons and then I'm just super confused, but I can normally get the jist of it if I just listen and dont focus on translating in my head. Other than that we've been meeting with people and teaching. cant really think of too much stuff we did because we mostly just tracted this week, oh we did meet this super cool guy on the street who spoke really good English and asked us some questions about the difference between Americans and Hungarians. He also asked us what we thought about Hungarian girls which was super funny I thought. Yea some cool stuff. Keep on keeping on or something like that.

Hope all is well at home I love all of yall!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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