Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family,

Well it seems that you guys are doing pretty awesome; the petrified wood is pretty zsír. Yea I'm feeling a lot better, I'm not really sick anymore, so I'll be okay for a while.

Well, this week was super awesome!! We called a ton of people out of the area book of potential inv. list and we set up appointments with a few of them. We've also been meeting with our other inv. more and more and can really see them progressing. This next week were are going to put more focus on meeting with members and strengthen them. I think this is a great idea because the branch here is very small and a bit weak. We're also starting to plan a ton of activities that we could do for the branch and invite investigators to. Because one thing that I learned while on splits (oh yea we went on splits with the zone leaders which was pretty good. I was with Elder Thomas here in Sopron and the other 2 went to Győr. It was pretty sweet and I learned a ton) anywho, Elder Thomas talked about how ineffective tracting and streeting really is, so he and his comp have just been trying to think of some other creative forms of finding and that's what we have been doing as a district. Also, were trying to get the branch more involved with each other and with investigators. SO it will be interesting to see how everything turns out. Right now were actually trying to start up a sport day, which I'm stoked about!!

Really not too much fun stuff happened this week, just a whole lot of working and finding. Other than we went shopping last Pday and I bought some awesome shorts for like 9 dollars, Score! Then on Sunday the branch presidents family, the missionaries and Mike and Dorina all went on a picnic. it was way fun!!! We cooked szalona (it's kind of like thick fatter bacon) and it was super delicious. Way too fatty for my taste, but it was fun. Then we started a good ol game of pine cone baseball using a small wooden cutting board as a bat. It was hilarious; especially when sister brown fell down 2 times, the first time she tripped the second time she tripped on air. LOL she was fine afterwards and it was a really good bonding moment for all of us.

We also got busted by a cop for postering and flyering, which was kinda funny, but he was super nice about it and told us where we could go get a permit for it, sooo thats what we will be doing today.

Next week we actually have a transfer sooo that should be interesting. I'm kinda scared for it but all well. Other than that all is well in Sopron, being in a trio is just super fun and it works really well since we are co-senior (3 heads are better than 2) that's for sure!

I'll send sum pix

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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