Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, April 6, 2014

July 18, 2013

It's good to hear that Hailee's talk was good; hopefully I'll be able to see her on Tuesday or next Thursday. As for pants I thought that the change was super awesome, because you told to me to bring those khaki pants and now I can actually wear them as slacks. Yes my size is 32x30 and I'm good with just some black or blue, it doesn't really matter too much, I could even just buy some in Hungary, but I don't know how expensive it is.

Our zone has been getting along together really well and it’s so much fun to talk and spend time with the new Hungarian missionaries they're all so amazing and fantastic and I just want to hug all of them to death.

So we started our consecration week which is really hard but also pretty cool, because we’re going to be able to learn just so much from it, and we really learned a lot about the law of consecration and sacrificing things, and this week not only must we speak only Hungarian, but we also each are giving up a couple of different things and trying to better ourselves and just come closer to Christ.

Yesterday my companion got hurt the last 5 minutes of gym and we had to get a ride to the hospital because he had a pretty nice gash under his chin and might of needed stiches. So we gave him a quick blessing then we were at the hospital for quite some time until a doctor just glued it together and then afterwards we ran into this man who actually got back from his Hungarian mission just a year ago and knew 2 of our teachers really well. He just told us all this cool stuff about the people and how they are and it was a pretty neat experience other than my companion being in a ton of pain. So please keep him in your prayers, he's definitely doing better, but it's kind of hard for him considering its consecration week and he's in a ton of pain.

Other than that life has been going pretty good other than not being able to say a lot of things that I want to in Hungarian. But I'm just so grateful that I have had this opportunity to come to the MTC because I have learned so much and continually to have my mind blown by people with such strong testimonies, who are also so knowledgeable. Just the other day we had such a great lesson on baptism, which really made me begin to think of all the very many blessings that have come from my baptism that I've taken for granted for so long.

Hope everything is going well with y'all, what are you even going to do without anybody in the house? I guess you could always replace Hailee and I with a cat or dog or some other cool animal.

Waldvogel Elder

Engedelmesked, munka, szeret, vezetes

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