Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Sunday, April 6, 2014

July 11, 2013

Dear Family,

Everything has been going pretty well, Our Zone is now HUGE with around 57 missionaries. Our zone is doing rather excellent except for there are still a couple problems that I wish I knew a little bit more about but since I don't, I just continue to support and love everybody that I possibly can and try to make them feel more accepted.

I'm actually feeling a lot better this week my sickness only lasted a few days surprisingly.

Thanks for the package it was really nice and we are definitely not going to starve, I really don't need anything since we are here only for a couple more weeks and I'm still pretty high in supplies, except I actually do need some more dark slacks because one of my pair (the first time I wore it) got small holes in the back and I have no idea how; it looked like I sat on needles or something. And I still don't think were allowed to wear the light colored slacks so I don't have too many to wear now, only one actually.

I hope your talk goes good Hailee, your actually talking about probably my favorite subject ever, which is just love and charity. The first commandment is love thy God and It is the most important because if you love god then everything else in life just falls into place. If you love god then you begin to love his children and keep all of his commandments and continually strive to do his will. At the end of Moroni chapter 7 it talks a lot about patience and those are some of my favorite scriptures on charity, verses 43-48 our superb, you should really give them a quick glance for sure. Also at the end of moroni 8:16 it says "Perfect Love casteth out all fear". That scripture is just so powerful to me and I love it so much. We practice every week on Sundays and Tuesdays but I will only be able to see you on the Tuesday devotional and maybe on campus on Thursdays because we sometimes go over because we need haircuts and such.

On July fourth I saw probably the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my life. So my companion is the only member of the church in his entire family and he has 2 little brothers, one of his brothers was actually around the area for basketball camp and he was just praying so much just to see him one last time before he left, and even I was praying for him too, because I saw how important this was to him and how great of an experience it would be for his brother who wants to get more involved in the church and has been having some rough times since his older brother left. So on July 4th my companion let his brother know that he would be in Brigham’s landing for some time but he did not say exactly when, so while we were there we were just hoping and praying to see him, but we didn't and he was a bit down for the rest of the night. Then after we had  a special devotional we were allowed to stay up and watch the fireworks outside and around 5-10 minutes before it ended some Spanish missionaries were saying that some kids were calling for Depallens Elder  and he ran with them towards the kids on the other side of the fence and they were his little brother's friends and they said they would get his brother. So his little brother came and My companion asked if he could go up to the fence (over the grass we weren't allowed to go one) and talk to his brother and the security guard gave him a couple minutes, and it was the most amazing thing to see how well the lord planned everything out. It was Fourth of July while fireworks were going off and the kids who were asking for D. Elder were asking a companionship who were super good friends of his and they ran around for about 5 minutes just looking for him. It was truly miraculous. It really shows the power of prayer, because I honestly didn't think my companion was going to be able to see his brother but I still had just a little bit of hope and it was just so amazing and I know that it meant the world to him and to his brother.

Everything else is going good the language is coming a lot easier I notice but It's still a little bit sketchy.

We also got new kisbabak yesterday and I'm so excited for them and I'm way excited to help them out with the language and get to know them better and teach them some of the traditions that we Hungarians have . . . we really don't have to many so were going to make some.

Waldvogel Elder

Engedelmesked, Munka, Szeret, Vezetes

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