Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Well this week was pretty good, we met with Lin, Liz and Sophie and they were all pretty good programs nothing really amazing happened, but they were still good. This week we really just tracted our brains out, but it went pretty good. We had a couple ‘let ins’ with some super cool people. One woman who let us in actually told us that she saw me walking around a lot with my last companion and was kind of curious on what we were doing and that’s why she let us in. It was super cool and it went pretty good, so were trying to meet up with them again. We also were let into a Jehovah Witnesses house and he was super nice and friendly. He talked about what he believes and we just shared a tiny bit of what we believe. Because he was a talker, it was a bit difficult, but he also played us a song on his guitar and he’s pretty ügyes. We were also let in by this super cool guy, who didn’t really have a religion. We just talked for like half an hour about what he believes, his questions, about our church and the plan of salvation; it was a super amazing program! The only problem is that he works a ton in Austria and has very little free time so looks like we’ll just have to keep trying to meet with him. So finding this week was really good.

And now for something entirely different: Palacsinta Péntek!!! (Pancake [or krépe] Friday) We just invited a ton of investigators, members, strangers/hobos to come to Palacsinta Péntek where we just chill and eat Palacsinták, listen to music, make music, etc… but mostly eat delicious pancakes. It was super fun and quite a bit of people came, for some reason it was mostly the really old members who came, but there were around 20 people total so it was a pretty good success I’d say. Plus we also ate waffles with syrup and peanut butter which I haven’t had for like 8 months or so.

Then Saturday morning we met with Oliver, this guy who just recently started attending English class. He is super rendes and we went to his university department to see what he does and turns out he is a photographer and it was super sweet. I really should have taken pictures but I totally forgot. But we did have a photo shoot which was pretty sweet, so maybe I could get those pictures from him some time. Anyway, we just hung out with him, got to know him a lot better, saw what he does and likes, so I say it was definitely successful and fun.

Well that was the week so far… Oh I also found this super cool quote painted on a wall of some random hipster store.

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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