Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

June 13, 2013

Dear Family,

It sounds like everything in the "real world" is going pretty good. I have actually gotten to know the other older Hungarians pretty well; our district calls them osik (oosheik) which means ancients. They're way cool and are super helpful when learning Hungarian. My favorite scripture is probably Joshua 1:9, its simple but powerful and really helped me get through a lot of things. Thanks for the package! It was way sweet and now I actually have some pictures of my family which is really nice. I still need to write sister Rex back and also Hailee. It's hard because things have been so busy around here lately.
My companion and I just got called to be zone leaders so we are going to be shadowing the current zone leaders until Sunday, because that when they leave for Hungary. But there will be 2 entire days that we have absolutely no other districts in our zones, which will be really weird. I've been taking quite a bit of pictures but now I am emailing from the east campus and don't know how these things work again so it'll most likely be another week until I can Email you some.
The Temple here is really nice, but I still haven't had time to do an Endowment session, because the facilities in west campus aren’t up and running yet so I have to get my shots, haircuts, dry cleaning, etc all over here and I only have enough time for the anointing’s, which is still pretty nice. But I still really want to do an Endowment session here, I just have to be patient. The Language is still tough but I'm slowly getting better at creating sentences in my head. There’s just so many rules and charts that we have to memorize in order to do speak. It’s crazy!

One of the Finnish Elders decided to hand down a "MTC Tie" to me. This tie must stay in the zone and in the MTC. Every time it is passed down an Elder signs and puts his departure date on the back. So far there are around 5 signatures. The Tie is a bright red and green Christmas tie that I promised to where on Monday, so it should be pretty interesting. I Can't wait to pass it down to another Missionary and knight him sir knight of ties.
We taught our "Investigator" Andras for the last time on Thursday and we got him to commit to baptism, but the funny part is that he ended up becoming our teacher and his real name is Brother Beaumont and he is from Canada and is a really awesome teacher. Our other teachers are Grossen Testver and Svoboda Nover. I don’t know how to add the dots above vowels on computers quite yet.
We have this program called TALL that we use every day to help us learn the language and one day Blackman Elder and I started a new tradition which we call TALL phrase rap battle where we rap against each other with new phrases that we learned in TALL. The district I'm in is just so great and awesome; we sometimes have way too much fun.

Hailee first off when writing your talk just calm down, clear your mind and just listen to the spirit. Personally I just did the entire thing from personal experience and my entire talk was just my testimony on different things with some analogies thrown in there. You'll do fine.
The new MTC facility is super nice because it is really open and a ton less people. But I'm not able to see as many of my friends but i saw kenneth and kendall gt2

My other emaiI got cut a bit short because I had to go get my typhoid shot. which I did and now it's somewhat sore. I didn't actually get to see Kendall, but I did see Kenneth, Austin, and Matt Kidman which was way awesome. I only have 3 minutes left so ill go fast. I would like an mp3 player sent up here. If you could put some jazz, choir music, some sound of music that isn't to fast past just relaxing like the hills are alive or edelveiss. Also if you could ask Beau for help as for smooth relaxing music. Also there's a song called cuckoo cuckoo that's in moonrise kingdom that I just love and would totally work.

Elder Waldvogel

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