Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear Family,

Well this week has been pretty interesting, mostly because of transfers and such, but it’s been pretty good so far. It’s definitely a lot different, but still good. Lin and Liz are both doing really good. Liz has been on vacation to Debrecen but she just returned yesterday so we will be meeting with her on Wednesday. We also met with Lin and she’s doing pretty good. It has been super hard trying to set up with her this week considering we are going to be gone all day tomorrow… were trying out this new split schedule where we go to Győr for an entire day and night with the zone leaders… so hopefully nothing bad happens while we're gone.

Ya the Browns here are super awesome and super nice; they feed us a lot and Sister Brown is a super good cook and really loves to cook too. Whenever we go and eat with them it’s like the closest thing we have to TV just because they're sooo funny. It’s fun to see the sisters and how well they get along with sister Brown and how much Sister Brown loves them. The first day they got here the Browns invited us all to dinner and afterwards Sister Brown just started giving us a ton of food, it was really funny! Then she was offering to help the Sisters clean their apartment (another funny side story, the other elders apartment was a disaster and they spent all day cleaning it before they left and we took out like 5 giant bags of trash because we ended up helping them a bit, then even after all of that the sisters came in and were talking about how disgusting the apartment was, and I was like, "you should have seen it before they cleaned it" oh it was funny, it was just so nasty, so many health code violations). Also she offered to take them to the store and get supplies etc. But it’s good to know that Sister Brown finally has somebody to go on splits with because she gets stuck in the home a lot it seems. 

Also before the Elders left we had a nokedli party and it was so good, I will have to send some pictures because it was so tasty good. (nokedli is like this super amazing homemade noodle stuff that is also super addictive because it tastes so good).

So transfers were pretty sweet because we all went up to Budapest and I got to see a lot of elders from my MTC group and Finally got to see Elder Spedding from my MTC group whom I haven’t seen since I arrived in country. It was way fun getting to talk to him. That and I also talked to Kovács Nővér from my greenie area and I was surprised that I could actually understand everything that she said in Hungarian which was really awesome to see the difference from when I was a greenie to now. So, its super funny because I’m the only one left in Sopron who knows anything about this area, even though I really don’t know that much. I took my companion on a streeting/tour of all the important places in the city which took forever because we walked literally all around town which was pretty intense especially since we almost got lost on the way and ended up in some random field at one point, but we found our way! Hoorah for Happy Endings!

Other than that nothing really too exciting happened, other than just a lot of tracting and looking up old investigators and such, because most of our progressing investigators are gone on vacation, so yea. Fun stuff, Fun stuff!

Well hope that you are all doing GREEEEEEAAAT!!

Sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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