Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Thursday, April 3, 2014

June 27, 2013

 Yea that’s me in the lower right next to Flake Elder who is AMAZING, yet it’s funny because he's not even my companion. The entire time I was trying to smile and sing which did not work, so my face looked really funny and creepy at the same time.

Anyways life here has been going pretty good. The 21 missionaries that came to our zone seem to be doing really well for the most part. The five elders who came are way awesome, every night we go and talk and just kinda hang out with them and get to know them better. The other day one of the sisters came into our classroom right before lunch and asked for a blessing, So Flake Elder and I gave her one and she seems to be doing a lot better, which is really good.

The Sunday Devotional was amazing. When the 11 or so apostles walked in it was like I ran into a force field of spiritual uplift. It was amazing to see and even more amazing to see how they acted together, I can't recall who, but one of them gave Elder Holland a little chest hit which was hilarious to see. Afterwards our zone all came together in a tiny room and we had a devotional review which was equally as amazing to hear every bodies testimonies and it really helped us grow closer together. Then Tuesday there was another devotional where a couple in their late 70s were speaking and during the ladies talk she talked about her first encounter with her husband and he just got right up and kissed her and everybody was like "waaaaaht?" and then cheered him on. It was super great.

Tomorrow and Saturday we will be having 2 SYL days in a row which is going to be rather interesting. Other than that everything is going pretty well and I've really been learning the meaning of patience form the language. I'm just slowly getting better and better at it. Honestly I would rather just be thrown into the country right now so I could learn it quicker, but it’s probably best that I still learn because I don't even know if we can go 2 days without speaking any English yet.

As for the MTC, the best thing to prepare would just be to read through preach my gospel and memorize just the key points in each lesson and the order they're in. Other than that you will probably do just fine, just make sure to pray a whole lot, especially when you get in Singapore, because even though they speak somewhat English it will probably take a while to understand their intense accents. 

I don't know who Mannheim Steamroller is, but anything that I decide I can't listen too I can just delete it. I really hope everything goes good with Christie and Brayden, I pray for them every night. I know that you will help them out this weekend and I hope that you are all doing good.

szeretlek titeket,
Waldvogel Elder

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