Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, April 14, 2014

December 2, 2013

Hello Family,

Thanksgiving does not exist in Hungary. Except for a few people who used to live in America and still celebrate it. Anyways it was good to hear that your thanksgiving was supreme, mine too was rather fantastic.

First off, we finally got a hold of this really awesome woman we tracted into and had a first lesson with her… which was the BEST first lesson I HAVE EVER HAD. She has a pretty firm belief in God but doesn’t like going to churches and just having some guy on the pulpit preaching for an hour, she likes sitting down and just talking about religion etc. but she was the first person I’ve ever met who wanted these little DVD’s that we almost never give out called "finding happiness", but she actually wanted one! I was baffled! And then when we were introducing the Book of Mormon halfway through she asked if she could have one because she found it so interesting. And she really wants her sister to meet with us because her sister doesn’t really believe in God and is in a tough situation. So she is way awesome.

So what we did for Thanksgiving... Well we had a Bonfire on the other elders roof/balcony place and we also made herbal tea and Olsen Elder made the BEST homemade pizza with a ton of awesome sauce, mushrooms, cheese, and kolbász… oh kolbász is sooo good but it doesn’t exist in America :( . While we were bon-fire(ing) we would throw in some random items into the fire and say what we are thankful for… Some of the stuff was mostly old Missionary junk left behind like ties, magazines/Liahona’s, the 12 week program pamphlet, some glasses, some slacks, and umbrella (. . . really bad idea), water bottles, etc… at first we weren’t going to throw in that much stuff, but we ran out of wood so we started just burning everything we could. So we also started burning an old elder’s mail and his Hungarian blue book. It was super fun, but smelt pretty bad.

On Friday we did end up going to a member’s home that lived in America for 10 years and had thanksgiving dinner, which was super amazing! It was like a typical Thanksgiving, but in Hunglish. Either way I felt beyond full after. The members actually made homemade root beer, which was pretty awesome considering there is none in practically ALL OF HUNGARY.

Then something crazy and never before happened, the zone leaders called us and told us about an idea that president had about holding WEEK LONG SPLITS… and we (of course) were chosen as guinea pigs! but he wanted the report back before a certain time so it’s more like a 4 day long split, so right now I am actually in the beautiful city of Győr with elder Forsyth who is about to die in about a week (as in go home) so it’s been pretty cool but really weird. I still don’t know really what to think about it yet, but all is well.

Also last week we went to another member’s house that has 2 snakes and a couple of bird spiders and we fed her snake a mouse! It was super cool and it just got owned and I totally took a video of it, but because I’m on splits, I can’t send anything on this computer, soooooo awkward.

Anyway, stay cool

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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