Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Monday, April 14, 2014

November 18, 2013

Dear family,

Yes, Zach Frasier is on his mission, I probably should have told you. That’s why it’s so hard to find his email. Yea, I’ll totally grab more pins n stuff today after emailing. My comp also told me that sometimes there’s a lot of people who come to the downtown area during Christmas and sell Christmas stuff, but he’s not sure if they do it here in Szombathely, but I certainly hope so.

So this week was pretty good. We’ve been tracting like crazy and found a couple of super cool people; one woman in particular was very interested, so we went to visit her again later in the week. Unfortunately she was busy because her husband is down just for the weekend, but she was legitimately sorry and so we hope to meet with her this week. She was super cool, willing to meet and actually has free time which is pretty rare. We also went on splits last Friday which was pretty fun. We did a lot of tabling, which can sometimes be really effective, but that day wasn’t so much... It was just cold.

Sunday was pretty hard because we were looking up several of people that we tracted into but had no success with any of them. We did finally find an old investigator who disappeared for about a month, which was pretty cool. We also met with this really old guy (let’s call him John), he’s pretty old and has been an investigator for about a year. My comp tried to drop him earlier, but I don’t think he really understood that he was dropped because he still wants to meet with us. He’s not really progressing at all, and when we met with him, he just talked about politics, life and all this other stuff… I kept blanking out on because he speaks really old and weird Hungarian. Even my comp has troubles understanding some of the super old words he uses, really funny old guy he is.

Also on Sunday Tbone didn’t come to church and we couldn’t contact him, so we still don’t know why, but later it got a lot better because the Szvoboda family invited us for dinner again which was really fun. They also invited this nm family who we talked with a bit, myself and another missionary kept talking to their son whose around 10 which was really funny because the other missionary Olsen is a transfer younger than me, so he doesn’t speak great yet, but he’s super funny and is always trying to speak with Hungarians. So we just talked with the son about school, sports and Legos because he loves Legos and was telling me like all the different places where they make Legos and where different Lego lands are and etc… super funny! I think there are like a couple of Lego factories in Hungary. Anyway, Thanksgiving should be pretty sweet here just because there’s a lot of members who want to have thanksgiving with us which makes me super thankful; because its thanksgiving and also there’s so many awesome members here in Szombathely.

On a side note, so many people here speak German so they pretty much all know what my name means. It’s really funny and then they always ask me where it comes from . . so it would be nice if you could give me some more information on our ancestry pretty please. Because I normally just tell them that they were Swiss German. Also my language skills are still pretty poor, it’s slowly getting better, especially understanding. It’s easier talking with the little kid because he spoke more simply and clearly than old bácsík. Speaking of old bácsi we tracted into an old bácsi the other day who FREAKED out at us and started yelling at us, stuff like "why me!, Leave me in peace!!" we were like okay sorry were leaving, but he felt the need to continue and slammed the door over and over screaming, it was kinda scary then finally when he closed it he started swearing pretty loud, I think he may have woke the whole building up, he was very angry.

Yup, so life is good, hope you’re all doing pretty awesome, love yall!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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