Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Oh I love being in a Trio, it is sooo much fun! We’ve had a blast so far, we are also getting super pumped for this week, because we the work here has been a bit slow, so were just putting our minds together… the work here is gonna boom! Also something super interesting about the TriShip is that Elder Brown (the senior missionary) wants to go on splits with us every single day. We actually went on splits last week and it was super funny, he is kinda like a greenie just because he is super motivated to get out and work again and he barely speaks the language, but he’s doing a pretty good job, especially for a senior missionary because most of them barely speak Hungarian. He also loves to tract, so we went tracting for like 2.5 hours on Friday which was pretty interesting. We had a ton of rejection, but it was pretty fun. He has a ton of cool random stories. Yea Elder Sterri is super awesome, he is from cali, I keep forgetting where exactly, somewhere up north, but he is an awesome missionary. He is by far the best streeter (talkin to peeps on the street) that I have ever seen! And Elder Flake is just super good at the language, like blows me out of the water! But even in the MTC he was way good at it. Yea, we are having a blast!

Other than that, really not too much has happened this week because on Wednesday we had to go to Budapest, eat, come back and then begin moving apartments. Oh yea the new apartment is soooo nice, IT’S HUGE!! It’s amazing and has a little balcony; it does have a tiny fire pit, so we might have a fire sometime once we clean it out. Also there’s like a ton of chairs around the apartment so I’m debating about building a blanket fort, but we need a ton more blankets, there’s like none in our apartment. But yea transfers were fun. I was able to see a ton of my old friends again like elder Raymond and Elder Spedding, from my MTC group. It was pretty fun.

Bad part about transfers though, is that right after I caught a cold and still have it. It’s not super bad, just makes my voice sound weird and I have the sniffles. But it reminded me that I’m running low on decongestant and Hungarian medical drugs aren’t the best. So next time you send a package, if you could just throw in some pretty good decongestants, I would be verily grateful and there would be much rejoicing, yea-yea!

Sunday’s are a lot different now. Mostly because with no senior comp, I have to do a lot more translating, which is pretty fun. One time it was just super bad when I was trying to translate what Elder Brown told me to the branch president, but later when I translated for Elder Brown to a less active member who randomly appeared in church, it was super easy. Sometimes I’m good at Hungarian and other times my brain just dies.

Not too much else happened this week...but...
Stay tuned for next week because that’s when the real party is going to happen. It’s going to be spectacular!!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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