Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jaunary 14, 2014

Good greetings family,

Well I am glad that you liked the package, I worked quite a bit on it so it was definitely worth it. That’s way awesome to hear about all the family history work! I really miss the temple, it seems like forever since I last went. So, how was Enders Game? That is one of my favorite books, in fact it was the first book that really got me into reading so I’m kinda nervous about the movie. Did Brent like it? He read it also, so he should know.

Anyway, this week was pretty fantastic. We worked super hard and we also met with Liz almost every day because she is leaving on vacation to Debrecen and we won’t see her for a little over a week which is kind of sad, but we have just been finishing up teaching her all of the lessons. So she is pretty much ready to be baptized, but her only problem still is smoking. She is doing better, but still having a hard time giving it up… it’s a super challenging challenge. We also met with Lin and we finally were able to commit her to a bap date. The only problem is that she is scared that her family is not going accept her decision and she says that she won’t be baptized if they don’t accept that. So we have been praying every day that she will be able to be baptized on the 15 of February and that her family will accept her decision, so please keep her in your prayers.

Other than that we haven’t had too much success with finding, we did a lot of tracting but didn’t find too much success from all of it, but maybe it will get better.

Also, TRANSFERS HAVE COME: and I am staying is Sopron and my companion Becker is leaving to Szombathely which is pretty cool, and I am getting a new companion, Elder Larson. I know almost nothing about him so hopefully he’s pretty cool. Then the other 2 elders her in Sopron are being replaced by sister missionaries which is kind of funny, but also super weird especially since we used to go to the other elders apartment a ton because it was literally right above the branch house and was extremely convenient. So I’m the only one staying which is really weird, but I’m pretty stoked, yet a bit sad because this district was super cool. But it happens. Gotta make the best with what you’re given.

Anyway, hope you are all doing amazing. Life’s going pretty good in Hungary, I shall send some pictures.

Love you all!

sok szeretettel
Waldvogel Elder

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