Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear Family,

This week took a little bit of a dark turn, first off Lin got surgery on her foot and wasn’t able to meet with us, but I called her yesterday and she is doing a lot
better, so that’s good. Also sister Brown got bit by a dog and had to go to the Hospital every day last week, that also is looking a lot better than before. Sister Brown is the greatest, most loving person ever. Even though she was in a ton of pain and her finger was super messed up and bleeding like crazy, while at the hospital she was still thinking about others. She saw a man who was really hurt and in a wheel chair and she just went up and tried to comfort him, even though she speaks no Hungarian. She would also give out cookies to children and also even still cooked a meal for Lin (their pretty good buddies, sis brown and Lin). She really is an amazing example to me and everybody around her.

Other than that this week was completely normal really, we mostly streeted and we also went "postering" with the sisters and browns, which is where we just hold up a free English class poster and then just flyer and talk to people which was way awesome and fun! One day for some reason we ran into like 20 Germans and Austrians, it was crazy. I’ve never spoken so much German in my entire mission. It’s funny because I can understand it so, so. But I can barely say anything, I couldn’t even remember how to say city. Also one guy the sisters streeted, turned out to be Speaking Russian!! I didn’t realize until he said "thank you, goodbye" and it suddenly clicked, looks like Sam teaching me some Russian came in handy after all, thanks Sam!

Also right after our district meeting we had a ton of random success, we were just walking and we pass this guy just standing on the sidewalk and he stops us and asks if he can walk with us; then goes on talking about how he would like some spiritual help and also would like to learn some English and we were just like:

wwwaaaaaaaaaaht??? It was totes awesome!!! Then we streeted this old bácsi who was super cool and kinda interested, then as we were walking we crossed the street and my comp was like . . . "wait, why did we cross the street?" and then I was like " I dunno maybe were supposed to be on this side?" then only a minute later we hear a honk and it was The super cool Jehovah Witness guy!! And he was super nice and we just talked for a min. it was pretty sweeeat!
Also there was a super cool cat that we keep seeing around our new apartment. We have named him snickers he/she/it is super cool, I’ll send a pic.

That’s all for this week stay tuned for next week’s update: Sopron: City of Fire!!

Hope you’re all doing swell

sok szeretettel,
Waldvogel Elder

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